White Cairn Trail

MODERATE 7 reviews

White Cairn Trail is a 2.5 mile out and back trail located near Lovell, ME that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

2.5 miles 1141 feet Out & Back



Good hike. Good view. Rattlesnake pool is recommended. Dog friendly.

25 days ago

As a new hiker this was a challenging trail for me, but lots of fun and I thought the views were great. We came up White Cairn and went down Stone House, which was not as much fun. I enjoy climbing up stone steps much more then trudging up hills, and as there were no open ledges it felt safe.

1 month ago

Such a beautiful spot!Took us about 3 hours to do a full loop: White Cairn to Blueberry Ridge and down Stone House trail. Rattlesnake Pool was a great stop to end the hike!

2 months ago

Long hike for not much of a payout. Went up white cairn which wasn't bad, has steep stone steps once you get close to the end of the trail. We went during blueberry picking season but all the shrubs were dried out and dead. The markings at the top were bad, got turned around. Finally went down stone house trail and made our way to rattlesnake pool, the emerald pool was the only decent thing about this hike.

5 months ago

We went up the white cairn trail and came back down the stone house trail. Great hike, white cairn is pretty steep and very rocky about 2/3rds of the way up. My 5 year old handled it quite well with just a bit of assistance. The views were well worth the hike. The trial is well maintained and we had no trouble following the cairn marked trail near the summit. Stone house trail made for an easier descent.

2 years ago

Just came back from a beautiful day hiking the White Cairn - Stone House Trail loop on Blueberry Mountain. We started out on White Cairn and the trail was very well maintained with stone 'stairs' to help us up some of the steeper areas. Towards the top though, it's all rock. This part wasn't an 'easy' hike for us, but we're just getting back into it. The views at the top were spectacular! On the way back down we picked up Stone House Trail. Stopped at Rattlesnake Pool and cooled off my feet while we watched some crazy teenagers jump in the frigid water. :) All in all we loved it and it's a trail we would go back to.

4 years ago

Great short hike! Steeps, forest changes, spectacular views, and finish the short loop with a jump in Rattlesnake Pool off the Stone House Trail.