Moosehead Lake

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Moosehead Lake is located near Rockwood, Maine. The trail is primarily used for fishing and is best used from May until June.



6 years ago

I went canoeing on moosehead lake with a bunch of friends in 2008. when i was there there were some decent size waves. It is a really nice area just to be around. My group stayed close to the shore because they have never gone canoeing before but even the shore was nice because we were able to see all of the rustic and beautiful houses along it. My group connected from Long Pond to Little Brassua Lake to Brassua Lake to Moosehead Lake. That took us about 3 days. There are calm spots, some major rapids and then there was a whirlpool that we had to portage around. All together we had to portage about 2 times. Once at the whirlpool and the other time was at the dam at the end of brassua lake.