Cutler Coast Trail

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Cutler Coast Trail is a 8.8 mile loop trail located near Cutler, Maine and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

8.8 miles 1312 feet Loop


3 days ago

Surprisingly challenging trail! Especially when you're backpacking. BUT the views are stunning and it's the most beautiful trail on the East Coastline. There are lots of rocks so expect some scrambling, and there's no freshwater, so you have to bring your own. The beaches aren't sandy, so if you're going to go in, wear water shoes. We did the trail during a 3-day backpacking trip, with two different campsites (which are first come first served, and packed every weekend).

6 days ago

3 months ago

Amazing ocean views, highly recommend. I did the 6 mile loop in 3 hours.

4 months ago

The wife and I have hiked the trail a few times over the years, never fails to impress with the moss covered forest, the temperature change once you get close to the water and just the sheer seclusion and beauty. I don't consider the trail difficult but the length and amount of tripping hazards (roots) do add to the challenge. My favorite hike in Maine that doesn't end up on the peak of a mountain.

10 months ago

I was able to hike the 1.4 mile hike to the coastal overlook, I believe this trail (or part of it) is sometimes refered to as the bold coast trail. This trail is a part of the larger loop and was a great place to walk. I got there late in the day a was losing sunlight so I jogged alot of the way to the overlook. In hindsight that is probably not a good idea since the trail has alot of moss covered rocks and roots along it. On my way in I did pass a group of 5 seniors walking back from the overlook, they seamed to be making it along the rocky trail just fine. My mind was blown when I reached the coastal cliffs, A short distance out on the ocean there was a wall of fog. I didn't stay long since it was getting dark soon and I didn't know if the fog was moving inland. I made it back out useing a flashlight, The trail was easy to follow with bight blue blaze marks on the trees.

1 year ago

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1 year ago

Beautiful trail, moderately challenging. Completed the 10 mile loop in 6 hours.

2 years ago

Put this on your bucket list!
This is by far my most favorite hike in Maine so far. I think this combination of woods and coastal cliff trails really is what Maine is all about.
I hiked this last summer with my dog. We packed lots of water but thankfully there are a few places where fresh water runs into the ocean for a dog to wade and have a drink.
We hiked the loop, turning right to hike south inland then followed the loop north, past the campsites north and up the cliffs of the coast. It took us approximately 10 hours with stops for dogs drinks and lunch. Had the trail to ourselves until the very end when the trail turns left and back to the parking lot.
It seems most people just hike out and back from the parking lot to the cliff/ocean view. Otherwise you'll enjoy a relatively quiet hike with the woods and ocean all to yourself!
I have also heard this trail called the Bold Coast Trail.

4 years ago

My husband and I made this a 2 day backpacking trip. The campsite we stayed at was unbelievable! We pitched our tent on a grassy area on a cliff overlooking the ocean. You could wake up in the morning and watch the lobster boats picking up their traps. I highly recommend going to the 2nd campsite, the other two are slightly more inland.

4 years ago

Hiked this a few years ago with my son, luckily ran into another Mom with two boys. LONG hike, very hot in the summer- but beautiful beach to lunch at midway. Take MORE water than you think you need, it is a thirsty one, with great views off some cliffs