Casco Bay Ferry

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Casco Bay Ferry is located near Portland, Maine. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and fishing.



1 month ago

I agree with Karen about ? why it is on the trails site.
However my Dtr and I took the ferry to peak island off season and walked the quiet roadways and beach , the outer perimeter road was perfect ocean views. people riding trail bikes, walking their dogs, qauint cottage homes. benches along the way to sit and watch
the crashing waves. the island market
was open, an old fashion small town market. but friendly people.
we did not venture into any of the
wooded areas. there are historic old abandoned ww2 bunkers you can see
from the roadside and walk up close.
the ferry ride back is peaceful.

5 months ago

Why is Casco Bay Ferry considered a hiking trail? Why not include the Pprtland city bus system as well. To be fair the ferry can take you to an island where you might find a trail, but still it seems like a weird inclusion on an app called "all trails".