Woodlands Trail

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Woodlands Trail is a 4.1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Belle Chasse, LA that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is good for all skill levels offers a number of activity options. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

4.1 miles 47 feet Loop

dogs on leash

kid friendly



nature trips

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wild flowers


The Bottomland Trail is a set of parallel trails (one hiking and one equestrian). The trails come together to share water-crossings and are approximately 6 miles in length. They follow along the spoil bank for 2.2 miles, dip southerly to the NAD loop containing 10 WWII ammunition magazines, and then turn northerly, following along the Donner Canal levee for 2.2 miles before turning southerly along an intersecting canal that takes you back to the LRT Bridge, 1/2 mile from the trailhead.

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AllTrails definitely has the wrong location for this trail. The trail is actually in Belle Chase off of F. Edward Hebert Blvd. Do more research before heading out!

The trail is a very nice loop trail with a lot of great sights: gator, wild hog, armadillo, raccoons, etc. I didn't have enough time to make it to the WWII Ammunitions Bunkers but I will definitely go back to check those out.

The trail is relatively flat and, as others have said, watch out for horse poop. Even when not on a horse trail, there are plenty of places where horses have been on the hiking trails. I gave it only three stars because it is an average trail. Not many natural sights or great amenities, just a standard, good trail. There's nothing wrong with it but nothing Wowed me about it either. There is a good amount of bird species in the area that like to hang around the water which was nice to see.

This is a great trail for birding, hiking, or even picnicking as there is a nice pavilion (although without a table, only benches).

2 years ago

Bottomland TraiI- get bad GPS here, so don't know if it's that, or if AllTrails has a bad location to 'check in'. I've tried right next to the TH and a few randy times on trail, but never seem able to check in.
The main drawback to this trail is the horses. Careful where you step, even on the human side, horse crap is everywhere. Trail also seems to stay muddy and retain water if that's a big deal for you. It seems like a new sign was added because I couldn't find my way to back bridge first time, and while it's shown on the map it, doesn't make it clear that the trails connect with the bridge. I'm also not sure if you're supposed to make the ammo depot trails connect, but I do, it doesn't seem like a trail but you can hack you're way across the back (lost machete back here last weekend good luck if u find it). What I do is go up the human trail to the last depot (u pass the bridge at the main intersection, and also the bridge around 3rd structure). After final structure, cut around the back to get to second row of structures. Start walking back and when u hit the split, go back up the first row of structures, only this time take the bridge to the left, and then work your way back. It will lead you to another bridge (you passed it earlier) which you cross that leads you to main intersection which you then take back to parking area. Nice wide trail in most areas, plenty to see, (the ammo magazines are worth it alone,). Just be careful parking when muddy, easy to get stuck, and watch for horse poo (not as annoying as cyclists ).

3 years ago

A great little day hike! The weather was nice (65F) and the trail was pretty empty other than my dog and myself. The trail begins along the canal and into the woods starting off pretty wide ,smooth and easily accessible. There are a few markers along the way but not as many as I would have liked, definitely had a couple of hmmmm moments. The WWII structures are really cool but again, watch where you're going. It sort of loops around and instead of going all the way around and over the canal it takes you right back the way you came. Luckily it's pretty. If you feel like you're missing the wildlife, slow down a bit. Lots of huge birds, armadillo and yes, water moccasins. I'd do it again just to figure out how to get to the rest of it....