Forest Hill / Camp Claiborne

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Forest Hill / Camp Claiborne is a 26 mile loop trail located near Colfax, Louisiana. The trail is primarily used for mountain biking.

26.0 miles Loop

mountain biking

4 months ago

I love this place. I think giving it a one star because of the location on the app is off, isn't fair. Don't rate something negative just because you're too lazy to do your research first. If your reading this and the location still says Colfax, please report the location issue at the top right of the page.

If you love to explore, this is the place for you. It's so big and there are so many trails, you won't see them all in one day. check out their website and look at the google earth map that they have available for download.

trail running
4 years ago

I am not necessarily rating the trail in this review, but the directions provided by this website. If you follow the directions provided, it tells you this trail is in Colfax. However, when you reach the area where the trail is supposed to be, you reach a dead end, posted road on private property. The Forest Hill/Camp Claiborne trails are located in, you guessed it, Forest Hill, not Colfax. Not sure where these directions came from, but don't be a fool like me and follow them. Check the Kistatchie National Forest website for directions.