Swift Camp Creek Trail

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Swift Camp Creek Trail is a 3.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Pine Ridge, Kentucky that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and fishing and is best used from June until August. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

3.6 miles 793 feet Out & Back

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Near the Red River Gorge

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2 months ago

Love this trail. We like to go halfway and camp and then do the other half the next day. Real neat spot to camp near the river about halfway through the hike from the Rock Bridge side.

5 months ago

This IS NOT an Easy Trail!!!!!! This trail is much longer than 5 miles with very sheer drop offs. It's a beautiful trail that requires a lot of attention to footing.

8 months ago

Completed Swift Camp Creek Trail yesterday it was average 93 degrees outside and I would say 100% humidity. One of the toughest hikes I have experienced. This trail is about 8 miles point to point we went from rock bridge trailhead to swift camp creek trail head. Would not suggest this trail in the summer time. Lots of fallen trees from recent storm have mostly been cleared except a few. Lots of up and down killed my legs. Saw copperheads and ticks! Good luck!

1 year ago

A very enjoyable, easy hike. It has some absolutely wonderful camping sites a little ways off the trail, right down on Swift Camp creek. The creek itself has some good trout fishing, and I believe it is still stocked yearly. Saw a few others camped along the creek, but it was mostly secluded. Campsites had some trash though, so bring some bags and you might be able to do some good. Overall, bring a hammock and a pole and you'll be in heaven.

1 year ago

This is a hidden treasure in the Red, as it's not used often. We did it in March, and got pretty dang cold as the temp dropped significantly overnight by the river. We had to hike it out at 4am, which is not recommended at all in the Red, but we had plenty of lighting and experience. It was a good learning opportunity for anyone. It's pretty strenuous, there are sections you have to climb up. A lot of trees to cross over, this trail is pretty challenging. If you're looking for more leisure go elsewhere.

1 year ago

I've been on this trial twice. It's not used or maintained as often as others. The first time I went it was in the spring of 2015 and bc of the snows it was one big, long, damp mud pit. The last time 08/05/2015 was after numerous storms in the area and there were dozens of trees down across the trail and lots of debris as well. I hike with my dog so she struggled quite a bit. I am a capable person but the trial was also a struggle for me. After 4 hours of struggling we reached a point where the trail is completely lost under layers of fallen trees. Bc of the river and a cliff on both sides you can not go around to look for the trail you have to go over the debris and hope it's there. My dog almost fell through, which was terrifying considering it is impossible to know how far down it was. This is a challenging trail right now. I do not recommend it for kids, start early you don't want to get stuck out there in the dark.

1 year ago

Love it!

2 years ago

had a good time on this trail it is a little difficult an there was some nice people out there an I advise to start early so you don't have to hump it out on the return trip an bring plunty of water I ran out on the last 1.5miles .

3 years ago

Did part of this loop as an in-and-out with our Scout troop. Some of it was pretty rugged but not terrible. Got into a yellow jacket nest that is under a log crossing the trail. Log has been cut off of the trail, I'm sure one of our guys stepped on it or kicked it. About 300 yards south of the creek in a sharp bend. Camped at the the creek. Really nice place to hammock camp. large flat area that can fit a bunch of people.

4 years ago

This trail is by far my favorite in the red river Area. It is in the wilderness area which means no mechanized vehicles can get in or out. Interesting in here they labeled it a loop but it is a Point to Point trail. Here and other sources showed it as 5 to 6 miles but by my GPS is was actually around 8 to 9 miles. Perhaps it is difference walking miles vs map miles?
This trail is quite rugged and difficult. The last mile was nearly all uphill. I hike this in the fall when it is cooler. The sites are awesome and you can really get a sense of the presence of God here.
If you choose to Yo-Yo this I suggest starting early and bring plenty of water. The first time I did this trail I ran out of water half way on the return and by the end I was drinking water from the trail itself so suggest you carry a water purification pump with you.
There are many trails crossing the main trail so it is important that you follow the markers and keep your map skills sharp so you stay on the right path.