Raymer Hollow Trail

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Raymer Hollow Trail is a 5.3 mile out and back trail located near Mammoth Cave, Kentucky and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

5.3 miles Out & Back


11 months ago

Did this as a day-hike on 3/13/2016. The distance, since reroute, is now 6.3 miles each way, plus a bare minimum of .9 mile approach trail to parking. Very easy, pleasant hike, but I have to agree with the last reviewer: the trail is destroyed by horse traffic. There were a TON of mud pits and bogs. Wouldn't recommend this for backpacking or even hiking in general. I haven't done much else in MCNP, but there is much better hiking elsewhere in the area.

1 year ago

So my 12 year old daughter and I did this trail as part of a 2 night trip. We started at the Good Spring Church Trailhead area and hiked N to Raymer Hollow. We then came down the Collie Ridge Trail and hooked up with the Good Spring Trail to lead us back to the parking lot after 1 night. Here's why.

The trail is well marked and has a lot of interesting features on the way to Raymer'sHollow Campsite. But after that you are pretty choked in by the trees and have no good views. The biggest problem with this trail is the horse traffic. While it is listed as a multi-use trail (foot & horse) the park service should just make it a horse trail. The Raymer Hollow site has 1 tent pad and a hitching area for horses and no other viable camping. Luckily there were no horses there when we got there. The biggest problem is that the horses totally destroy the trail. After a heavy rain, the trail is a quagmire from all the hoof prints and you just can't walk through it. We probably added another 1/3 of our mileage just trying to make it around these areas.
The Good Spring trail was nice and had some good views and the Collie Ridge Section was more of a road walk.
I wouldn't recommend this section for hiking/backpacking.

3 years ago

Ha the opportunity to hike the entire Raymer Hollow trail and camp at the Raymer Hollow site. The site is amazing! The stream below the site was running and made for a a really relaxing night. The trail on the other hand was not so amazing. This appears to have been a great hiking trail at one time. Some fantastic views, waterfalls and plenty of stream crossings. However, as with many of the trails in the Park, the Horses are ruining it. They have unearthed plenty of loose rock, beat down the trail in many places until it looks like a gully and created huge mud holes to circumnavigate. If the NPS doesn't limit the accessibility to horses there will not be any good hiking left at Mammoth Cave.

4 years ago

My wife and I hiked a good bit of the Raymer Hollow trail today. This is a really nice single track with a few really cool caves along the way. We are looking forward to hike the whole trail and camping at the Raymer Hollow backcountry site. Will probably do some cave exploring as well!

6 years ago

The trailhead is the parking lot of Good Springs Church. The trail winds through an old growth forest until crossing the stream that created the hollow. Look for wildlife! The campground is along the bank of this stream. The trail can be a nice loop by connecting to Collie Ridge then to Dry Prong Loop.