McCoy Hollow Trail

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McCoy Hollow Trail is a 5.7 mile trail located near Mammoth Cave, Kentucky that features a cave and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

5.7 miles



Mammoth Cave National Park P.O. Box 7 Mammoth Cave, KY 42259 270-758-2180

2 days ago

Part of a 21 mile loop I hiked starting at First Creek parking lot.
First night: Stayed at First Creek campsite B
Walked to McCoy Hollow Trail
Second Night: Stayed at McCoy Hollow Campsite
Walked to Wet Prong Trail and connected back at the parking lot.

1 month ago

Connected this w the Wet Prong trail and made a burly day hike out of it. 2-16-12

2 months ago

This trail will kick your ass, but you can usually find a gem located in these tough trails.

8 months ago

Horrible trail!!! Made impassible by horse traffic, mud everywhere even though it had not rained in a very long time. We had one hiker sink into the mud up to his waist! If you aren't a horseback rider avoid this trail at all costs.

2 years ago

I rode my horse on this trail. It is a big challenge …rock…rock…rock…cliffs and hills…I loved it but you sure needed to be on a accomplished trail horse! Some places the trail was hard to distinguish from mounds of rock. We picked our way through and traveled across the hills..Cliffs off to the side. This was no place for a foolish horse. There was a small waterfall also. We took our lunch there. Very beautiful trail. There was some bogs about half way through that you needed to traverse around. It was very beautiful and a trail I won't forget soon! Yes,,,I would do it again...