Honker Lake Trail

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Honker Lake Trail is a 5.4 mile loop trail located near Kuttawa, KY that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round.

5.4 miles 414 feet Loop

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4 days ago

Loved this trail! Plenty of forest, wildlife and lake views.

1 month ago

Wife and I rocked this trail in 1:45 with some stops for pics and such. It's in great fall shape and the colors are remarkable.

1 month ago

Enjoyed a great hike at Honker Lake.

1 month ago

Great 2 hour hike

2 months ago

Great trail, we'll marked. Nice variety in scenery.

3 months ago

Great hike! Good for a family day hike. Trail is well maintained and marked. The beach at the dam makes a great stop for a break an snack, you can even swim there if you're not afraid of the muddy water.

6 months ago

Great trail, lots of fun!

7 months ago

The Honker trail is about 5ish miles long. You can park in the Woodlands Nature Station to walk either. We didn't explore the nature center, except for using the bathroom there. It's like 5 bucks to go into the station, and they've got some different animals for you to look at.

Anyway, back the Honker trail. We started the trail on the north side of the nature station. If you walk this way, you will wonder where the lake is. It will take a while before you come upon the Honker lake and Barkley lake. You will get to walk on the dam that separates the two lakes. The trail isn't too hard. There are some hills but the trail is pretty level. You could bike this I guess, however there are some steps to go up and down. Once you get past the long dam, you'll be in a parking lot for a fishing area, if you walk up the road a little, you'll find the trail that continues.

You might want to be mindful of the rainfall. We walked the trail after it rained a couple days before. The bridge that is near the south start was almost flooded, the creek that goes underneath it was spilling onto the trail in front of the bridge. The views on the trail are great though. It's really a great place to view nature, however we didn't see much wildlife except a few squirrels.

11 months ago

Great trail for a crisp winter day. However, the trail over the lake was washed out, had to turn around. Ended up being a 7.65 mile hike.

1 year ago

Went yesterday and had a wonderful time. Saw quite a few herons. I was hoping for some eagles, but didn't see any. Maybe next time.

2 years ago

a nice trail...might take 2 hours or more- goes through some nice stands of big trees with good views of the lakes...crosses the lake and ends up near the Nature Station. This area, also including the Hematite Trail, is one of the nicest ares in LBL

2 years ago

I have hiked here twice in the last few weeks. Easy wide trail and lots to see. Circles behind the Nature Station. Saw two eagles and heard lots of wildlife. Will do it again.

3 years ago

easy trail, good for kids, dogs, or anyone you got. I went on June, make sure you bring a lot of bug spray. there is a nice lunch spot on the other side of the dam.

5 years ago

I have hiked Honker Trail many times and it is a great place to bring along your binoculars. Lots of wildlife including many types of waterfowl, an occasional Osprey or Bald Eagle and I have had some close up experiences with Whitetail and Fallow deer in that area. There is a long section of bottom land and a nice section of wooded hilly land along the trail. It is a great place to take a hiking group. I have taken several youth groups there for morning hikes. I would reccomend it. There arent any cliffs or anything like that but some really cool views of Barkley Lake and Honker Bay.