Harrods Creek of Oldham and Jefferson Counties

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Harrods Creek of Oldham and Jefferson Counties is a 3.4 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near La Grange, KY that features a river. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for canoeing and whitewater kayaking.

3.4 miles 65 feet Point to Point


whitewater kayaking


10 months ago

The river is surely sublime but the directions this app gave took us to a country lane with no point of entry (unless you are into trespassing).

11 months ago

Very easy, calm creek -- at most class 2 even during flooded levels. A lot of pools with scattere, gentle slopes that drop the water level 5 or 6 feet. Lots of interesting islands that act as medians, my brother and I often play a game where we choose paths and see who reaches the other end the fastest. Watch out for strainers after there's been a lot of flooding. These pools and spills eventually give way to a long stretch of winding flat water and the view changes from suburban backyard woods to suburban backyards. Usually put in behind the neighborhood of Paramont then float down the 8 or so miles to Cunningham's restaurant, which has a dock. I've made this run around 15 times with good friends and siblings, definitely recommend it!

4 years ago

A buddy and I completed this canoe trip almost 25 years ago, but I have fond memories. Harrods creek is full of a lot of carp ranging from hand sized goldies to arm length or better. Check the water level before you go. It was down when we went, and we suffered for it. It was a scenic float but there were many long distant carries and more carries and a few drags in there to boot. The good news is that there is a Louisville local favorite restaurant/bar/dock where you take out on the Ohio river. Although I was too young and broke to eat or imbibe, I have since visited the establishment to do both many times. The total length of this trip can be nearly halved if you put in at the Hwy 329 intersection near Prospect, Ky. Have fun.