Cumberland River South Fork: Alum Ford Campground to Yamacraw

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Cumberland River South Fork: Alum Ford Campground to Yamacraw is a 2.6 mile point-to-point trail located near Whitley City, Kentucky and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for camping, canoeing, and whitewater kayaking and is accessible year-round.

2.6 miles 22 feet Point to Point

kid friendly



whitewater kayaking

  • Yamacraw Put In.
    36.72670, -84.54349
4 months ago

1 year ago

Area is lovely and the campground is nicely maintained. However, in season, the boat ramp is busy and the locals can be obnoxious.

We cut a 2 night stay short after we had some drunken locals show up late and take the site diagonal from us. They literally stayed up until dawn banging around, yelling, drinking, playing loud music, having loud sex and WANDERING THROUGH OUR CAMPSITE. We know these were locals based on the tirade we received when we asked them to kindly keep it down at about 11:45 PM.

Rangers supposedly spoke to them in the morning after we complained, and assured us we'd have a quieter night -- but the troublemakers were still there, drinking again and raising a ruckus at noon on Saturday. We decided we were too tired to do any of our planned hiking trips, and realized our suburban Louisville backyard was actually more peaceful, so we packed up our gear, cut our trip a day short and drove back home.