Cable Car (French Creek) Hot Spring

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Cable Car (French Creek) Hot Spring is a 2 mile out and back trail located near Riggins, Idaho that features hot springs. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking.

2.0 miles 600 feet Out & Back


hot springs

This hike entails a very dangerous river crossing. Wear a life jacket! Numerous drownings have been reported.

5 months ago

very dangerous river crossing. wear a life jacket! numerous drownings

1 year ago

Just returned from soaking in this amazing pair of pools. The first pool/grotto is a warm spring that can seat 4 people very easy. There are some interesting acoustics that you will notice while enjoying this soak. You can also hear chirping of the bats that live in the cave.

The second pool is a genuine hot spring in a shelter. You actually get to soak in a tub carved out of an old pine log. There is only room for 2 in this one. The cabin is showing it's age so go soon before it is gone.

You will have to get across the beautiful Salmon river to enjoy this soak. If you look carefully to the north side of the river you can spot the remnants of the cable car. You want to aim for this when crossing the river. Get up to the cable car remains and follow the trail east (upstream), stick to the well worn trail and you will be there soon. Right after the steepest part of the trail you will be there.