Tripler Ridge Trail

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Tripler Ridge Trail is a 10.8 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Honolulu, Hawaii that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round.

10.8 miles 5616 feet Out & Back



nature trips




wild flowers


This hike is a long and continuous uphill trek with excellent views of the valleys on either side of Tripler ridge ending in a spectacular view of the windward side of the island. For those feeling really adventurous, you can continue onto the connector trails.

2 days ago

Great trail! I suggest hitting the trail head no later than 06:30, so you can ascend before the sun bakes you. Trail is not a trail for novices. However, if you just take it slow and steady, on the narrow areas, you will be fine.

5 days ago

1 month ago

Nice trail. Super muddy but I wouldn't have it any other way. Will take you to the top of the Haiku stairs. The end point is worth the work!

3 months ago

I am. I am leaving now to it.

3 months ago

Hector let me know if your starting before 7AM

3 months ago

Hey Chris I am planning to do it. Holler at me

3 months ago

Is anybody doing this trail tomorrow early morning 9 OCT 16?

Hector what time are you planning to start?

4 months ago

If anyone is interested in hiking it up together Friday morning please contact me 9107281246

8 months ago

definitely wear pants. the rope assisted portions along the approach are good. the rope closer to the top is too taught and becomes more of a danger than a help. dangerous in wet weather.

trail running
9 months ago

great views. steep first mile on paved trail. second mile trail gets thinner, more up and down and flats. must be able to access Tripler Army Medical Center to get to trail head

10 months ago

This was an awesome trail which we did in running clothes...should have had on pants to protect our legs from the branches/palms. Very difficult trail and certainly is rated properly at "hard". The reason I didn't give it a 5 star was because at 3.69 miles (shown on my gps) the trail went sharply down with no discernible way to continue on the ridge. We just didn't have the strength to go sharply down knowing we'd have to come back. The trail is not always recognizable so keep a close watch on where you're going. The yellow plum-looking things are delicious guavas.

11 months ago

Best hike I've been on very tough but rewarding, especially if you go all the way to the stairway to heaven!

Ended up on tripler ridge after trying to get to stairway from moanalua we kind of ended up doing 3 hikes in which one which was awesome. The top of tripler is great. You can see the leeward and windward sides of the island and on a clear day can even see Maui. Take binoculars if you got em because the views are spectacular! Best views on the island.

You can also get to this trail by starting on the Moanalua Valley Trail at the end of Ala Aolani St. Turn right onto marker 12 about a little over a mile in. When you turn onto the marker 12 trail you will begin scaling the ridgeline. You will know when you get to the top as it will T. Turn left onto the Tripler trail.

1 year ago

September 2015. Construction at the military family housing area remains ongoing and looks to be a long time before finishing. Today tried to do the tripler ridge trail and found the area fenced off as other hikers previously stated. Doesn't look like they'll be finishing anytime soon because we could see one house still only in the framing phase.
We tried going around via the water tank in the civilian community as others described but it too now has a new fence and razor wire around it. I went in thick brush about 20 yards around the BoWS fence (left, mauka ) thinking there might be a visible trail up top that would connect with tripler ridge but I did not find any. However, this was a week after the 40 days and nights of three near-miss hurricanes' rains, so maybe it was there but overgrown. Maybe I didn't go far enough around to find it. Whatever, had to go pick up my kid in town by this time so gave up at this point.

1 year ago

Possibly the scariest and most worthwhile hike on the island. Rule 1, don't start at 11am during the winter/rainy months. You'll freeze and be hiking in the dark.

2 years ago

Good luck with this one, I was up on July 5th. Tripler has blocked off the trailhead because of construction. David below talks about going to the water tank. That is now a no-go. There is a brand new razor wire fence installed on the road up. You can go around the fence and further up the road, "I have heard". Once you continue up the road there are motion sensors that set off crazy James Bondesque sirens, "I have Heard". If someone knows a different work around please let us know.

2 years ago

You can not start at Tripler housing right now. They are renovating or tearing them down so it is fenced off. Luckily I knew of a trail head at the Water tank in front of tripler. It will get you onto the tripler property and onto the ridge line trail. Park on ala mahamoe st and head up to the water tank and the trail is through the California grass to the right.

2 years ago

Went up Tripler and down Haiku stairs. Amazing Hike! Bring your best camera.
Things to do for this hike:
1. Stage a vehicle at both ends
2. Pack a jacket and wear pants. Not long socks, pants. Wear hiking shoes; not your 5 fingers or minimalist shoes. You will fall on your butt if you do.
3. Bring a lighter and matches. Just pack them they weigh nothing.
4. Bring double water. 100ml Camel back was empty after 4.5 miles. The extra two 20ml water bottles didn't last long either.
5. When you get to the red ropes along a ridge line that makes you feel close to death, you're not done yet. You have 1.5 miles of crawling to do.
6. When you reach an antennae/satellite on a platform go UPHILL. Do not follow the ropes down the earthen steps. It sucks and you reach a cliff with no way down except suicide, which I highly discourage.
7. Make sure you check the grid coordinates for the top of the stairway to heaven before you start. Write them on a piece of paper and bring along. iPhone batteries die.
8. It's windy, rainy, muddy, and very cloudy from miles 4-6. Embrace the suck!
9. Lots of snacks.
10. If you can't tell, my buddy and I almost spent the night on the ridge, bring survival gear and know where to go. Rule of thumb; keep going uphill until you see a concrete building covered in graffiti with a radar antennae on top.
10. Enjoy! Once you get to the metal stairs, it's a quick 3500 steps to the bottom.
Best hike on the island. Very Challenging.

3 years ago

Definitely for experienced hikers. If going alone (not recommended) bring water, gloves, sun protection, good trail shoes, and be rested, I would recommend going on a clear day, when its voggy up top you can get lost easy or lose your bearing. Fun though, strawberry guavas were in season... would have liked to have had a machete to clear some of the ferns on the trail!