Shipwreck Beach Keoniloa Bay

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Shipwreck Beach Keoniloa Bay is a 3.7 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Koloa, HI that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and surfing and is accessible year-round.

3.7 miles 488 feet Out & Back

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Hike along scenic Shipwreck's Beach and up rocky outcroppings past Shipwreck Rock to more secluded coastline. Seaside trail travels Kauai's southern coastline from Shipwreck's Beach on Keoneloa Bay to remote and stunning Mahaulepu Beach near Kawailoa Bay. Along the trail discover rugged sea cliffs, secluded coves, dunes, tide pools, sculpted lava formations, native plants, and petroglyphs. The beach has prime whale watching in the winter, and is a favorite hangout for endangered monk seals......

1 day ago

Wonderful views, easy stroll along the cliffs.

20 days ago

Fun hike with beautiful view of some pretty varied terrain. Starts in a beach. Go up cliff top for spectacular sunrise views. Nice golf course view for a bit before heading over to the cave. Made it to the cave but cave is locked up mon/tues.

1 month ago

Starting near the Hyatt hotel and ending near the Makauwahi cave this trail is beautiful. It has some solid climbing to do that I would rate moderate. If you make it to the cave on a weekday morning there might be a tour guide giving little tours. And just past the cave is a turtle farm where you can go and look at Turtles and sheep. Great trail with incredible views! Pack plenty of water and some snacks!

8 months ago

1 year ago

Great hike through a variety of rugged coastal terrain. It was easy to get lost off the trail during the first part through the sandy hill and dessert-like dry brush, but I used this AllTrails App to get back on track. The rest of the trail is well marked. You pass through lava rock formations, a sacred Hawaiian site, the edge of the Poipu golf course, a horse ranch, and a sinkhole and cave. The cave had its own trail markers and brochure about its history and restoration. This cave trail had a nice bonus loop and a shaded bench with an incredible view where I decided to take a snack break and try to see whales. Alas, what I thought might be whales spouting or breaching was just whitecaps on the rough sea. It's too early for migration season, but bring binoculars if you are here in winter.

The trail was dry despite the downpour earlier on the southeast side by Lihue. Wear sturdy shoes. They will be covered in red dirt and full of sand. Bring lots of water. It got very hot on my return facing the sun in the afternoon. I took many photos of the beautiful views and some of the warning signs and uploaded them to recorded track.

The GPS recording mysteriously stopped a few times. Sacred Hawaiian intervention? Satellite weakness zones? Who knows, but I had to resume the trail recording a few times. I estimate it was about 5 miles round trip from the parking lot, ending at the cave and walking the cave loop before I headed back. It took me about 3 hours.

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1 year ago

Nice workout. Sandy trail with spurs that all seem to progress in the same direction, weaving in and out of trees. Occasional view of ocean. Eventually parallels a golf course. Ends at a nice overlook. Too fun. I did also jump off of the cliff. Exhilarating, but I would not recommend unless you know what you're doing and are in good shape and can swim well.

1 year ago

Join the crowd...

1 year ago

I'm pretty much gonna give every trail on kauai 5 stars! We loved being there so much even the food poisoning was worth it! The na pali cost was beautiful!

1 year ago

Dana's review is right on, so no need to repeat it. The only thing we would add is that we were there during the winter months and we saw a lot of whale actvity offshore. The views are breath taking.

2 years ago

it was a nice walk nit a hard walk. being right on the water it made for some pretty wave watching. Along the walk you can watch some surfers from the overlooks.

3 years ago

Great short hike to Shipwreck Rock on the south end of Kauai where Anne Heche and Harrison Ford in Six Days Seven Nights jumped off. My son jumped, I did not. Hike is easy along the beach from the Hyatt on Poipu beach. At the end of the beach, take the trail up the slope and around to the rock for a great sunset view. You can also hike along the trail to the east as well; be careful of the steep cliffs and the rocks below are treacherous if you fall. Highly recommended.

4 years ago

The trailhead is just off the shipwreck beach public parking lot in Poipu. This is an out and back trail. Its 95% ocean side with great cliff views. The trails flow from deep sand to jagged rocks to packed red clay, but no mud to speak of. The trail travels to the Northeast along the eastern edge of the Grand Hyatt golf course. On the trail you will eventually come to horse hooves tracks. These tracks will lead you to CJM Ranch. You may even encounter horseback riders from CJM as they offer 2 hour tours. Just past CJM Ranch you will encounter your first full sand beach, the magnificent "Maha'ulepu Beach". You can walk this beach a long way. It will eventually turn to the west where you will find a beach parking lot with cars and lots of locals hanging out. We had phone service and used Google maps to travel the sand roads back to the Grand Hyatt instead of taking the trail back. Without the phone service it would have been easy to get lost on the roads. So all in all, without the GPS we figure we did close to 6 miles based on the time it took. It was a hot day and we wish we had brought along extra water. It was a good work out. Bring your camera!!