Olomana Trail

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Olomana Trail is a 2.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Kailua, Hawaii that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

2.5 miles 1574 feet Out & Back



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Steep, narrow and sometimes frightening, the Olomana Hike offers great views of Kailua, the mountains and the ocean The Olomana Hike is one of the top hikes in Oahu if you are looking for a challenging hike with unbelievable views. It is only about 1.5 miles to the first peak (there are three in total), but there is more than 1,000 feet of elevation gain and some parts have dropoffs on both sides of the trail. Ropes have been added in a few places to prevent you from slipping (the clay can be pretty slippery). If you aren't afraid of heights and are comfortable with some moderate rock climbing, then the Olomana hike should be at the top of your list. If you want to continue farther, there are two more peaks but they are not as high (so the views aren't as spectacular) and the trail gets sketchier as you approach them. If you think that's fine, wait until you hike the "unsketchy" trail before considering hiking to the other two peaks.

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not as hard as people make it... unless you have a problem with heights

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First time Olomana trail is Scary steep. Very fun with ropes in places, and when I thought I was at the top I realized, to my absolute delight, 2 more peaks to go!

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what a awesome hike, the guide on here is right on. I did it in about 2 hours and it was just right a little challenge but fun and wroth it once we got to the top. I definitely recommend it, small rock climbing great views and steep trails, which was exciting and a great rush. I'm not afraid of heights but was a little worried about failing going down. Have fun! Next is the stairway to heaven!

Overall, a great hawaiian climbing experience. Hiked with my 12 year old. Great trail definition and the gate guard was very informative. The last 100 feet of the climb was right at the threshold of our comfort zone. Quite sporty! Get ready to get muddy on wet days. Only climbed the first peak due to time constraints but that will be our next visit.

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This has to be one of the coolest hikes I have ever been on. It was probably also the most dangerous. We didn't have time to make it to the second and third peaks (and I'm glad, because they looked a bit sketchy), but the experience was still great.

The views are just unbeatable, and you can't help but laugh to yourself along the trail when you approach a 20ft rope and jagged rocks ("you want me to do WHAT?"). In the end it all pays off and makes for some great pictures and a great story once you are back on firm ground.