Moanalua Middle Ridge Trail to the Haiku Stairs

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Moanalua Middle Ridge Trail to the Haiku Stairs is a 10 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Honolulu, Hawaii that features a river and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

10.0 miles 4002 feet Loop

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The easiest way to legally hike the Haiku Stairs (Stairway to Heaven) actually starts at the Moanalua Valley Road trail and proceeds to shoot off to the left at about 2.5 miles. Though it is by far the easiest way up, it still has some sections of near vertical, rope and muddy sections. A nice, relatively gradual ascent up to the summit directly over the Haiku Stairs. Can get muddy, as well as some rope and scrambling sections.

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Not for the faint-hearted, or anyone who isn't very confident climbing. We did the saddle trail, and it was a big mistake. Starting from the park and following the stream takes you to a flash flood sign about 2 or 3 miles into the trail. DO NOT TURN LEFT DIRECTLY AT THE FLASH FLOOD SIGN. I can't emphasize that enough, unless you're ready for extreme climbs and tiny ledges with huge drops. My group took this route and regretted it after following the flash flood sign directly left. It took us another 2.5 miles to clear the jungley parts and get onto the ridge. From there things got very dicey with a tiny trail with huge consequences on each side. We scaled a ledge and realized we couldn't do it, and my group was all very experienced hikers. Look up the article from unreal hawaii ( to see if that's what you want.

Take the left about 20 feet after the flash flood sign to have a safer hike.

5 days ago

Aloha! I will be doing this hike on Thursday 1/19, Friday 1/20 and Sunday 1/22 if you're interested in joining. Email me for more info at

7 days ago

Hi, I have not done this hike as yet but am coming over in April from AU - I will have two full days to hike the 7th and 8th April and would like to do this one of the days. If there are any locals that feel like they would love to come with and make sure I don't get lost it would be appreciated. You can email me on - thank you in advance.

12 days ago

I did this hike on 8 Jan 2017. I looked at a few reviews and decided to go. Most of the reviews claim this hike to be hard, it's not. It's long, there is a difference. I could not find the inside ridge, which is what a lot of people take going up and down, so I went up the outside ridge. It was fairly level for the first 3.5 miles. The last bit was a lot of switch backs, some nearly vertical. There were plenty of ropes to help during the ascend. The ones I needed, I used and the ones I didn't, I didn't. The elevation changed by approximately 1300 feet in a short amount of time on the outside ridge. The inside ridge is more of a constant slope, which is the way I went down.
In addition to food and water, I would suggest a pair of gloves for the ropes. They aren't a must have but, I sure wish I had mine when I was descending.
The views were simply amazing.
It took me 5 1/2 hours to complete this hike, I hiked this alone, which is always faster then in a group. I didn't do anything special, I stopped for a snack 1/2 way up and at the top I had lunch and relaxed for about 15 minutes before going down.

The link to my video of my hike.

This is a great hike, enjoy.

15 days ago

Awesome !!!

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21 days ago

one of the most challenging hikes yet, very easy to wander off trail. happened a hand full of times lol so rewarding to reach the "summit" of the trail. DO NOT go alone.

27 days ago

I did a solo hike of this trail the day after Christmas 2016 and offer the following feedback:
This is a great hike and I would do it again the next time I return to Hawaii. Unless you plan to descent the stairs this hike can take ALL DAY (8 hours or more). I am a fairly fit and well above average speed hiker and was thinking I can complete this hike in 5-6 hours but I was wrong. This hike took me 6.5 hours moving and 7 hours to complete. On the way up the outside ridge I had passed up a group of five hikers who started two hours before I did so I know this hike can take all day so be warn, even if you're a fast hiker because because mud and some trail seeking may slow you down. I do not recommend going to do a complete hike of this trail if you have a flight leaving in the afternoon. Ok enough said about that. :)
-SUPER MUDDY after a rainy morning. Perhaps during a dry season the mud might not be so bad but it rained the morning and during my hike so it was super muddy. My advice is to be aware you will get muddy and just enjoy the mud. Seriously. I had a waterproof hiking boots and the waterproof lasted about 30 minutes. So just walk in the mud. If you try to avoid and side step and take other routes to circumvent the mud you will just slow yourself down from a very long hike.
-CARRY MICRO SPIKES. I didn't have any on me but I wish I had it in my backpack. It's a safety device to help your footing in the slippery mud.
-WEAR GLOVES - The tiny leaves that look like tiny corn plant leaves will slice through your skin like hot knife cutting through butter. Maybe not that severe but it will cut you skin. If I had gloves I could have prevented a painful cut.
-INSIDE LOOP SHORTER DISTANCE AND FASTER, OUTSIDE LOOP CAN BE SUPER WINDY BOTH HAVE GREAT VIEW. COMPLETE LOOP IF YOU HAVE TIME. Look at the Alltrails map and you will see a loop. To go on the inside loop you have to cross a stream about 10 yards or so after you see the trail sign. I believe you can cross right at the sign as well. If you're press for time do not take the outside ridge route. I took the outside ridge up and it was super windy to the point I had to craw along the ridges to avoid getting blown over.
-SOME ROPE HAVE CHAFED. It's nice that trail angels or others have placed ropes where needed but be aware that some of the ropes have chafed on the metal post and are approaching breaking point up on the ridges. Please pay attention, I don't know how much longer some of those ropes will last before they break.
-BLDG AT TOP OF STAIRS ARE LITTERED WITH TRASH AND EMPTY BOTTLES OF VARIOUS BEVERAGES. The next time I hike the trail I was thinking of bringing a trash bag and carry some of the trash back down the stairs. It bothered me quite a bit to see so much trash up there.

WORTH THE VIEW. You probably already know this by reading online but it's worth the view. As for the difficulty...hmm... It was not nearly as challenging as I thought it would be. I believe you ascend about 3,000 feet total but it's not all at the same time. If you can climb Koko Head three times in a row with your hiking pack in two hours you're in an excellent condition to do this hike.


1 month ago

if anyone is around this week and wants to do it feel free to email me :)

1 month ago

anyone around this week to do the hike?

1 month ago

Excited to do this but preferable not to go alone! If you're interested in going Sunday (18th Dec) email me at

1 month ago

anybody wants to hike with me on Dec 25th 2016? I can do it on 23 or 26, preferably 25th. text me at 6503915133

1 month ago

If you want to hike this in the next few days let me know!

1 month ago

someone is available to do that with me on december 28 2016 early ? departure to Wakiki ?
Let me know 628 224 0300

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1 month ago

Anyone up to hike this trail Monday ? Let me know 302.399.5919

1 month ago

anybody wants to do this one with me and my girlfriend the next days?

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1 month ago

Good stuff