Manoa Falls Trail

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Manoa Falls Trail is a 1.5 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Honolulu, HI that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

1.5 miles 554 feet Out & Back

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A short hike to the base of Manoa Falls, passing through movie scene locations from Jurassic Park and Lost This short hike will take you to 100ft Manoa Falls. The trail can be quite muddy, so make sure to wear proper shoes (you will be sorry if you wear flip flops, because your toes will easily slip around once they get muddy. Several scenes from the TV show LOST were filmed here, as was parts of Jurassic Park (you can see posters in the building with bathrooms and food service). Unfortunately, you cannot swim in the pool at the base of the waterfall, but the view alone justifies the easy hike.

10 hours ago

Perfect for the kids.

3 days ago

nice easy walk, the last part a bit more challenging.

3 days ago

Great trail if you just have a few hours. We had showers a few hours prior and it was very muddy. Fairly crowded but not like Diamond Head.

6 days ago

6 days ago

Stunning! Crowded but a must-see. Muddy and a bit slippery but plenty of people were in flip flops.

11 days ago

14 days ago

take a left at the falls great hike up to the ridge line.

15 days ago

This trail is the most breathtaking trail I've ever been on! My husband, daughter (9) and myself loved every minute! Bring old shoes as it's very muddy, your literally in a rainforest. Amazing!

15 days ago

17 days ago

Great views

19 days ago

Good trail. Can park at tree tops restaurant for 5 dollars. Trail is wet and slippery. Good short hike decent waterfall, can't go in the lagoon.

20 days ago

21 days ago

Easy hike but somewhat crowded. Good to do with a mixed group of hikers. Gorgeous views at the beginning of the hike.

22 days ago

I have hiked this Trail twice, and each time was a completely different experience... the first time I went was about 2 hours prior to sunset and I had the entire Trail to myself!! There was absolutely nobody up there! The second time I went which was a little after noon, the place was packed! when I got up to the falls, there were college kids everywhere. At the very bottom of the falls in the pool of water, it was shoulder-to-shoulder packed full of people.. I did not stay very long that time. The walk down the trail is so beautiful!! When you first start down the trail there is a spot that opens up and it looks like one of the scenes in Jurassic Park.. There is then a forest of bamboo you walk through as well as an archway made of bamboo and vines.. There were a few spots that got pretty muddy and I would recommend wearing shoes with decent tread and avoid flip flops. It is also that red dirt mind you, your shoes and legs will more than likely be covered in it by the time you get back lol

23 days ago

23 days ago

So beautiful! Was extremely muddy, so I would recommend wearing close-toed shoes. I wore flip flops, and just ended up walking the rest of the trail barefoot, I thought "might as well since I'm already covered in mud!"

25 days ago

25 days ago

Beautiful. A little bit of work but good for all ages.

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29 days ago

Ran this yesterday, it seems they have made major improvements to the trail since the last time I've done it. There used to be muddy indented steps that were slippery in the rain, but now everything is rocky or man made steps. You would have to have terrible balance to slip even in the rain now. The improvements have made this hike easier than diamond head, so I recommend Manoa falls as your entry level, first hike. Bring non-flat shoes and clothes you can get muddy in and you'll be fine.

30 days ago

Great hike but kinda steep at points. Definitely worth the view at the waterfall and you will want a camera. The pup loved the trail even in the pouring rain!