Kamananui - Kulana'ahane

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Kamananui - Kulana'ahane is a 9.8 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Honolulu, Hawaii that features a waterfall. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking.

9.8 miles 3700 feet Out & Back






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Went hiking with the Boy Scouts I work with to finish off the hiking merit badge. We needed another 10 mile hike, and this was a great choice. To hike this trail, you start on the Kamananui trail and hike about 3 miles until you get to the Kulana'ahane trail sign. It is clearly marked on the left. The trail immediately crosses the stream and continues on into the woods. Don't be fooled by the beginning; the trail is well marked and easy to hike. Here is my review of the Kulana'ahane section of the trail (you can also read my review of the Kamananui section on this website):

Length: 2 miles (one-way)
Terrain: gentle rise/fall
Difficulty: EASY
Facilities: Bathroom at the parking lot of the Kamananui trail
Website: http://hawaiitrails.ehawaii.gov/trail.php?TrailID=OA+12+011&island=Oahu
Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/moanalua-valley-trail-moanalua-2

The Good:
- Very easy trail, if you don't go beyond the state maintenance area.
- Lots of vegetation for cover from the sun.
- Some areas of the trail give you the feeling of exploring through a jungle.
- Stream crossings allow for water collection if necessary.
- Some places allow camping!

The Not so Good:
- Bugs. Bring spray.
- Stream crossings. We must have crossed that thing 20+ times. We lost count. We hiked it during a dry spell, so it was no big deal. If you hike this after it has rained a lot, be prepared to get wet. The trail may even be impassable, so take care.
- There is no real "destination" at the end of the maintained section. There is a stream with a small pool, but that is it.

Bottom Line: Great trail for a family hike (if the distance is okay). Easy to follow; rise/fall in elevation is easy. I'd go here again with a mountain bike! Also, the park is open from 7am-7pm, but we went at 6am and the gate was open.

NOTE: At the end of the maintained trail, if you continue to follow the stream bed and stay to the right, you will come to a large waterfall. It was dry when we hiked the trail, but it may be flowing after it rains. We hiked on land past the maintained section and it started to go straight up the ridge. This is where we got the view of the dry waterfall.

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