Kalepa Ridge Trail

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Kalepa Ridge Trail is a 1.6 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Kekaha, HI that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking and birding and is accessible year-round.

1.6 miles 799 feet Out & Back





wild flowers


over grown


Difficult trail along Kalepa Ridge above the Kalalau Valley in Kokee St. Park that features spectacular views. Primary reference: http://www.hawaii-guide.com/kauai/hiking_trails/kalepa_ridge_overlooking_kalalau_valley

14 days ago

Amazing views

22 days ago

Absolutely amazing views that you could only see from a boat or helicopter. It's muddy for sure, and more a path then a trail, but amazing. Lots of ferns, and overgrowth on the path so I'd recommend wearing long pants. There are views the entire hike, non stop, but the total view from the end is the icing on the cake.

1 month ago

By far my favorite hike on Kauai. Here's a video from our hike

2 months ago

A beautiful hike! A must do but for the more experienced and not for children. Exquisite scenery!

7 months ago

We had a local recommend this trail to us but also had several locals discourage us from trying it due to it being "poorly maintained" and "heavily used by motorbikes." We saw neither of these and instead had some of the most amazing views of the Na Pali coast. We hiked it on 4/29/16 and someone had obviously fairly recently come through and cut back the overgrowth, so the trail was in great condition. We saw no motorbikes and would have found it odd if we did as many parts of the trail go along a cliff where if you aren't careful on a bike of any sort, you could very easily plummet to your death. There were some muddy spots and you have to take your time on the descents but you will be rewarded with few people and spectacular views. A definite must-hike!

7 months ago

9 months ago

Boring ... Except for the cows mooing...
Nice views ... Periodically

11 months ago

Go early! after 10 AM you will start to lose visibility as the heat of the day pushes clouds into the valley.

1 year ago

We did this on a sunny day and I'd call it hiking in Heaven on Kauai... in Koke’e State Park start at the Kalalau Lookout. From the Lookout overlook platform, go around the chain link fence to the left to start the faintly worn trail just in front of the lookout platform. This unofficial trail is unmarked except for a rusted white sign just into the brush below the entry point. Continuing down through thick brush, the trail is quite steep and can be slippery even when dry. I highly recommend hiking poles for extra stability going down and don't do it when wet, as this trail can be dangerous. The upper part of the trail is steep and cuts through fairly thick forest and brush, with a few teaser views. It is easy to follow and is slightly overgrown, so you may want to wear long pants, unless you don't mind getting scratched by the brush. After the initial 10-15 minute descent, the world opens up, the trail flattens out, and you get the full landscape of the Kalalau Valley, with some dizzying views beneath you. You pass through some Lama trees, some grassy areas, and along red dirt cliffs - stay away from the crumbly edges as they are unstable. You'll be in and out of open areas and thick foliage - with the view getting better and better as you continue to descend. Go down as far as you feel safe and comfortable - don't take any unnecessary chances; this trail is not maintained nor is it officially on the Kokee map. Hunters use the trail, as do local trail guides. Close to the very end on a red dirt knife edge, you can see straight down to Kalalau Beach, and the end of the Kalalau Trail. Total one-way distance is a mile with about 600 feet of elevation change, so the return trip does not take that much effort or time. Spend time reflecting, watching the birds soaring way below, watching the boats cruise along the Na Pali coast and spend time getting panoramas, videos and pictures that you've only seen in movies. For those who have done the Awa awapuhi Trail, this trail is like the end of the A-Trail all the way down. This spot is one of the most beautiful spots on earth and should be on everyone's hiking bucket list!