Haiku Stairs (Stairway To Heaven) [CLOSED]

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Haiku Stairs (Stairway To Heaven) [CLOSED] is a 2.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Honolulu, Hawaii that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round.

2.2 miles 2283 feet Out & Back



nature trips




A powerful storm passed over the island of Oahu on 2/14/2015 which caused significant damage to the stairway, rendering them unusable. After the storm damage, five hikers got stuck on the east side of the mountain's ridge and were trapped overnight and had to be rescued.

8 minutes ago

Hey guys! Solo traveller and planning on doing the hike sometime this week! First time doing it and would really like to go up with someone!! Please let me know :) email - veroniqueminaj@hotmail.co.nz :)

10 hours ago

Traveling to Hawaii with parents, who are unfortunately too old to make this hike!
Will be in Haiku from 1/23-1/27 and 2/4-2/5 and would love to cross this off my bucket list.

Anyone interested in making the hike around then and wouldn't mind an extra friend tagging along or needing an extra friend, please email me at chinggythebling@gmail.com


it's gonna be my first time to Haiku , I'm planning to go on Sunday 22nd at 3:30-4:00ish ... If somebody interested, lemme me know or dm me on ig : danitoro312 or 3126232808

2 days ago

If anyone is willing to guide me in May, I'm willing to pay $$$$$$$$$. Email me. NicoleCarlton@me.com

2 days ago

Hello, solo traveler plan on doing the hike up for first time on Monday (1/23) or Tuesday (1/24)! Would prefer to not go up alone, so let me know if you'd like to join!
ig: dinob28

3 days ago

Climbed the stairs today without any problems from the guard or the police. Best advice when going up is to park your car around puoni place and loli street in the area. And in between the the two streets with be a gate with what looks like a road a car can take, this is the government secret road or whatever. You can climb around the gate through the right side By going over the one foot wall to get past the barbed wire, and then follow the road up to the beginning of the stairs where the guard will meet you. He's not mean at all, he lets you go and tells you to be careful on your way up and down, he basically just gives you a warning. Don't listen to what the locals say about the police. Also take this way on the way out instead of through the woods. Another tip if you plan on catching sunrise make sure to take a head lamp or some kind of light invade you have to go through the woods, I didn't originally park here, I parked where this map took me and had to maneuver through crazy bamboo forests and mud and then climb a rope up a muddy hill to go up the stairs and around the guard which wasted about two hours. Until we found this easy way in and out which I suggest. Anyways it's defiantly worth the trip and the risk, this day became the best day of my life.
Any other questions just shoot me over an email.

4 days ago


I'm going this Thursday1/19, Friday1/20 and Sunday 1/22 up the back route if you're interested in joining. Email me at venturealoha@gmail.com

4 days ago

Hello, If someone will go there from January 22 to 27. Let me know, I don't mind join with you guys!

Email me sandro.hatibovic@gmail.com

4 days ago

actually i can also do it on the 20th Friday, solo and it would be nice to have a partner/group to do it .. please let me know


5 days ago

if anyone is interested on doing this hike on the 21st Saturday ..see sunrise and great time.. let me know.


5 days ago

Saw a cop drive by the front gate once at 4:30ish but only encountered a guy at the house before you enter the first gates saying don't go I'm calling the cops but we went anyways... made are way to the security guard before the stairs, he said "are you okay with trespassing?" Obviously we said yes headed up the stairs made it to the top to watch the sunrise and climbed the satellite! Made our way down to the bottom encountered a different guard saying "cops are coming in five from that way" so we walked in the other direction made out with no trouble

6 days ago

I'm planning to hike this in early February with one other person. Let me know if you want to join us! IG: beansnpork

7 days ago

Anyone looking to do stair way to heaven Sunday jan15, this will be my first time. My email is Worrell.matthew@yahoo.com

7 days ago

Looking for someone to guide us in February email me Cwodiuk@yahoo.com

8 days ago

I'm going to be in Oahu Jan 21st- 25th and would love to find a morning to do this hike with someone.
JLF0331@gmail.com if you want to go!

9 days ago

I traveling solo at here and I plan to go hiking around 1/14 or 1/15, so it is will be grate if have someone to guide me! Much appreciate! Please contact me 5702344035.

9 days ago

One of the most beautiful experiences I've ever encountered. Birds chirping, the crickets and the noise of the highway made this hike surreal .

9 days ago

Going up stairway tomorrow with 4 guys. Anyone want to join text me 910-920-6145

10 days ago

Hi, will be hiking the haiku stairs on the 19th of Jan, or around then! This would be my first time but thinking to go up for sunrise :) message me if youre interested

instagram: jameslinn25
email: james3172@gmail.com

11 days ago

My gf and I will be hiking up on the morning of 1/19/17 or 1/20/17. Anyone is more than welcome to join us. This would be our first time so anyone who has gone up and willing to show us around will be greatly appreciated!

Text: 3109627282
IG: @juliansaddi