Youman's Pond

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Youman's Pond is located near Midway, GA. The trail is primarily used for birding and is accessible year-round.


1 year ago

I went to this 'trail' on 1/1/2015. First of all...the map on this page isn't right. The driving directions are wrong as well. Exit 76 off of I95 is right, then you drive east on hwy 38. The road becomes a dirt road and later becomes an asphalt road again. Keep going on this road until you see the small parking area for Youman's Pond on your left. I think the road was called Lake Pamona Dr. at that point. The trail, as I saw it, was a short wood walkway to a viewing deck. If there were more trails, I couldn't find them. There were also no signs of any wildlife whatsoever. Not a single bird. I'm in that area several times a year, so I will continue to visit the place as time allows. I will also try to determine the best time of the year to visit and update this review. It really does look like a good place for many birds to hang out. Hopefully I just picked a bad day.