Dockery Lake Trail

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Dockery Lake Trail is a 6.9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Cleveland, Georgia that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, trail running, and backpacking and is accessible year-round.

6.9 miles 1745 feet Out & Back



trail running





Directions from Dahlonega: Take US 19 north 8.2 miles to the intersection with GA 60 at Stonepile Gap. Follow GA 60 fro 3.6 miles and turn right on Forest Service Road 654 opposite the Dockery Lake Recreation Area sign. Travel 1 mile to the picnic area. The trail begins at the parking lot.

19 days ago

Pretty hike up to the AT along a creek bed. It gets steeper as you get near the AT.

3 months ago

9 miles, I saw 4 people...this trail is challenging, serene and WORTH the effort!

3 months ago

Just finished this trail today. It's a good hike through fairly dense forest crossing small creeks at a few places. Not heavily traveled so it's very serene. Scenic, though there are not really any significant views that I could see. It goes uphill most of the way to the AT, and it was somewhat strenuous at the pace I chose to take it. This is the kind of trail I prefer; it offers a moderate amount of physical exertion but little actual danger or tricky situations. The trail itself is well blazed most of the way and very clearly visible throughout.

After reaching the intersection of the AT, having a little extra time and energy, I elected to follow that trail south for about 1.5 or 2 miles to Preacher's rock overlook. Though not on this trail, that overlook was really great and totally worth the extra miles, especially considering most of the way back was downhill. Though, that overlook can be reached more easily by parking at the Woody Gap parking lot; it's only about a mile or so from there. So if Preacher's rock is your goal, this trail isn't the best way to reach it, though going the shorter way you'll trade the miles for solitude; that route it pretty heavily trafficked. Coming back to this trail, it was a really good walk through scenic forest and I'll definitely recommend it.

6 months ago

Beautiful trail! Easy hike thru lush forest. Great way to jump on the AT for a day too.

8 months ago

Great 7.4 mile trail to the Appalacian Trail and back. The hike is scenic and includes a varying degree of difficulty - steep climbs, narrow pathways, rocky paths, and water ways to cross. The weather was spectacular on the day we hiked low 70's, slight breeze and blue skies. Along the hike we saw green, green, green wooded areas that were beautiful.

1 year ago