Withlacoochee State Forest

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Withlacoochee State Forest is a 10.5 mile trail located near Brooksville, FL. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking.

10.5 miles


6 months ago

We went out and completed the D loop of the citrus trial. After a few detours the total trip was 14.5 miles. There is a small parking lot on the south side near the Taylor campsite which helps makes this trail a nice day hike. As for the trial itself, nothing amazing, lots of pine trees, sometimes it's like you're on a continuing loop with no change in scenery at all. For 6 miles. Although, there were two nice dark/shady canopy parts I really enjoyed, with beautiful, massive live oak trees, so I can't completely knock it. There is also the "Dames cave" just off the trail. A small Graffiti filled cave. Bring a flashlight and don't forget a hat and sunscreen. I also went through 3 liters of water. Wildlife: one turtle and a bunch of wild turkeys. Oh, and ticks.

7 months ago

Good trail.

2 years ago

I ended up in the Croom Hiking trail and complete Loop A today. It was great I enjoyed the variation of the terrain and the environment. I started very early in the morning so there was no one else on the trail so it was nice and quiet. Lots of shaded areas, also a lot of up and down on hills throughout the trail. Overall it was a great experience and cant wait to head back again. The only thing I kept walking into spider webs that were spun between branches on the trail path.

They also have mountain bike and equestrian tracks.
Based off of map markings
Croom has 4 trails:
1. Loop A 6.99mi
2. Loop B 9.92mi
3. Loop C 5.79 mi + 1.15x2mi to get to and from loop
4. Silver Lake 3.55mi
Citrus has 4 Trails:
1. Loop A 6.6mi + 1.0x2 mi to get to and from loop
2. Loop B 13.9+ 1.8x2 mi to get to and from loop
3.Loop C 13.5 + 1.7x2mi to get to and from loop
4. Loop D 13.4 + 3x2mi to get to and from loop

3 years ago

I’ve had the opportunity to run the A Loop of this trail on three separate occasions and it was a pleasure each time. Even during the rainy season – which can prevent you from traversing many of the trails in Florida – this trail was dry and utterly beautiful. There was a recent burn in the area; based on the growth of the vegetation, my guess is somewhere between three and four years ago. Because of the burn, much of the scrub is cleared, providing a striking view of the many different trees along this trail. Worry not, however, the wildlife is still there – including hundreds of butterflies you will inevitably spot on your trip. My favorite thing about this trail, though, is that it is so secluded. Many websites will tell you that the A Loop is only 8 miles, but you must first make a mile hike in to hit the loop. That means that, round trip from the Holder Mine trailhead, this trail is 10.5 miles. There are a few primitive campsites along the trail, but none are maintained very well. And a note on maintenance: because of that recent burn, some of the blazes aren’t very evident, so be exceptionally careful. All in all, however, this is a great trail for those looking for a challenge with moderate elevation and plenty of privacy.

5 years ago

The trails are all nice. the reason my friends and I go are because there are a couple of small cave in the area. they nothing special just a cool place to relax on a hiking trip.