Pine Log Campground

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Pine Log Campground is located near Panama City, Florida. The trail is primarily used for camping and is accessible year-round.


4 days ago

Mountain bike fun!! Great workout!

11 months ago

We walked the two mile loop around the pond and through the woods in January. No bugs or gators, but saw some interesting birds including a pileated woodpecker and a double-breasted cormorant. Approximately 25% of the trail was under water. We tried some workarounds but at times there was no choice but to plow through. Still a very enjoyable walk. You can enjoy the trail all the way across the wood bridge over the pond and see the high points. If there has been a lot of rain, best bet is to turn around and head back. The rest is woods.

We did discover a great youth camp complete with 2 16-bunk sturdy tents, firewood ready for a bonfire, for next to nothing! We'll be back for that!

1 year ago

wasn't visually stimulating...but the trails were nice.

1 year ago

On the east side of Hwy 77 is the Pine Log, Crooked Creek Trail Head. 4.5 and 10 miles trails. The wife and I did the 10 miles. OMG did it do a number on us. Word to the wise, TAKE LOTS of WATER with you. Nice Sunday in June with temps around 90 degrees. The trail is more suited for mountain bikes, but is a good hike also. Some areas are grown up, but the trail is clearly marked. Through forest, and fire roads. Spotted one deer and lots of hog and other animal signs. Will do again, but on a much cooler day and backpack full of water. A good filtration device is highly recommended as your travel companion. We found ourselves 5 miles out and out of water, when I stumbled onto a path to Crooked Creek. Had to leave the hiking path, but it was only 50 feet away.

2 years ago

I walked through here mid-August 2013. Naturally for this area, there was little-to-no elevation gain and some areas were a bit flooded from the summer rains. But these things didn't hinder my hike, which -- while uneventful -- was quiet, secluded, and peaceful. As a Florida newcomer, the well-maintained boardwalk through the mangrove trees was definitely highlight of the trip.

3 years ago

Decent trails for Panama City Florida. No spectacular views and a lot of walking through man made forests, but there are some nice wooden walk paths over cool swamp areas. Dog friendly. Primitive camp grounds are not primitive.