Myakka River: Upper Myakka Lake to Snookhaven

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Myakka River: Upper Myakka Lake to Snookhaven is a 19 mile trail located near Venice, Florida. The trail is primarily used for walking and canoeing.

19.0 miles



19 days ago

Trying to find the trailhead neither my GPS or IPhone or eve locals know where this 19 mile loop trail is?

sea kayaking
1 year ago

We use our Hobie Kayaks in the summer rainy season and the Myaka river is a amazing ride, we have no problem peddling against the currents and enjoy traveling with the current downstream and the beautiful wildlife. The water is from 6" to 8" feet deep in most places and we have seen very few gators.

4 years ago

The lake is very shallow. Only about 3 feet max. Lots of gators and sand hill cranes.