Monroe County (Florida Bay and the Florida Keys)

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Monroe County (Florida Bay and the Florida Keys) is located near Key Largo, Florida. The trail is primarily used for fishing and is accessible year-round.


4 years ago

Born and raised in Islamorada. The Sport Fishing Capital of the World! Amazing fishing on both the "ocean" side and the "backcountry". If you're down for an affordable deep sea trip, go down to Robbie's. The Captain Michael.. it's a 40 (max) person party boat that fishes the reefs and wrecks.. Yellowtail, Dolphin and Grouper are almost guaranteed!

5 years ago

Drop the boat in at Flamingo and be prepared for wild kingdom....there is everything from alliagtors, snook, salt water crocodiles, pelicans, bull sharks, name it....and it seems like you are the only one for miles and miles...which you probably are.