Fort Drum Marsh Conservation Area

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Fort Drum Marsh Conservation Area is a 3.4 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Vero Beach, Florida that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

3.4 miles Loop

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Location: East of Yeehaw Junction Length: 3 miles Type: Loop and round-trip Fees / Permits: none Difficulty: moderate to difficult Bug factor: moderate to annoying Restroom: Yes Note: Rains may cause parts of the trail on Hog Island to flood, making parts of your wal From the Horseshoe Lake parking area, start your hike by taking a left past the picnic pavilion. Sign in at the hiker register, and begin the counter-clockwise loop around the lake atop marl-and-shell spoil piles covered in wispy muhly grass. When you come to a bridge, turn right to walk out and explore the island. There is a primitive campsite on the island, surrounded by your own personal moat. Returning to the main trail, turn right. Where the trail meets a fence line, turn left. The blazes change from white to blue. Its here you get into the heart of the hikethe walk to and around Hog Island, a dry hammock on the western edge of Fort Drum Marsh. Sloughs parallel both sides of this broad, sunny jeep road, providing you the chance to watch for waterfowl and alligators. At the fork in the jeep road, stay to the right. The trail gets a bit grassy and unkempt. A dense cypress swamp stretches off as far as the eye can see on the left, receding into darkness. When you come to a boardwalk at 0.9 mile, turn left. The boardwalk is your bridge over to the dry ground of Hog Island. Around you, young bald cypresses rise tall and straight, their shaggy gray bark ringed with high water marks. Sunlight filters through the forest, illuminating the leaf-covered bottom of the shallow swamp through water tinged the color of tea. At the end of the boardwalk, turn right to follow the orange blazes around the perimeter of Hog Island. The trail may be damp in places. Keep alert for blazes as the trail frequently zigzags.

2 years ago

Amazing hike gate was locked at boat landing but was a nice walk down road towards group camping. I passed the group camping area which had nice lake views ect but continued right through 2nd gate along red trail head and at for stayed right and got to the elevated walkway it was amazing I'm coming back with others to this place I'm sure it was better then normal also since it rained the night before as tons of wildlife everywhere. I seen large flock of white birds feeding around the raised walkway. Raccoon, deer and the best was a Owl!!!!! I will try to post pics it was about 3.5 mile easy all flat walk just would wear boots next time as this park is not used much and grass was about 4 inches high so got wet feet