Big Cypress Preserve

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Big Cypress Preserve is a 11 mile loop trail located near Ochopee, FL and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from December until March.

11.0 miles Loop


8 months ago

If you plan to go you should look up the number to the oasis welcoming center and ask about the trail conditions, I saw a gator close by the Oasis Ranger station. The hike wasn't as tough as I thought it would be, but it was changeling. I wore a old pair of hiking boots, after they dried out they stank of the swamp I need to rinse and clean them good. I would not recommend wearing sandals or any shoes with "openings". The trail was mostly wet. The water was ankle to kneedeep and there was plenty of dry areas to stop and rest. The trail is rough and rocky under the water, bring a walking stick or trekking pole. I used a hickory walking stick with a rubber stopper on the end and it worked great. I didn't fall any but I slipped alot. (That night when I layed down to sleep I still have the feeling that I was constantly slipping) On the map you'll see a trail that runs along side the Florida trail, This is a gravel road and at one point its close to the trail and there was a trail to cross over to the road (it's literally a stone throw away) This could be used as a better route back to the welcoming center at the end of a day hike. There's 24 hour access so you can plan to watch the sunset in the swamps or even began your hike before the sun rises. You do need a permit to hike there, This means filling out a 2 forms (duplicates) at the welcoming center you leave one with the ranger and take one with you. If the welcoming center is closed there's a stand with forms outside near a rock that marks the southern terminus of the trail (see my photos)