Squantz Pond Trail

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Squantz Pond Trail is a 3.3 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near New Fairfield, Connecticut that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

3.3 miles 672 feet Loop




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Squantz Pond immerses the visitor in a "mountain like" setting. Extremely popular; closes early on summer days. Squantz Pond immerses the visitor in a "mountain like" setting. Steep, wooded slopes disappear into the cool, blue pond below. In the fall, the park becomes a haven for photographers capturing the colorful reflection of the foliage in the mirrored surface of the water. In 1926 Squantz Pond was established as a state park.

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3 months ago

Awesome, challenging, and few people (depending on where you go). I typically head to the east side of the pond, and then head north on the trail that follows right along the water--seems to be used by fishermen. The trail itself is not extremely challenging, but if you head farther east and up the mountain it gets STEEP!

4 months ago

Loved it

5 months ago

7 months ago

10 months ago

Freezing cold!!

1 year ago

My kids and I enjoyed a great afternoon lounging on the beach at squantz pond so we decided we needed some exercise before we called it a day. I thought we were going along the main trail but we ended up on very narrow and overgrown paths along the lake. It was gorgeous and fun to explore but this is not a trail for young kids. Next time I'll look harder for the main trail.

1 year ago

One of my favorite local trails. There is a trail that runs along the side of the pond, as well as one that is a but further up on the fire trail. Both of these trails eventually make it to the top of the mountain for a beautiful view of pond/lake and surrounding areas. On a clear day you can see quite far at the lookout.

5 years ago

In addition to the earlier review, you can find Fool's Gold in the stream that comes down from the hill on the far side of the beaches. We used to come here all the time as kids. It can get kind of crowded on hot weekends in the summer with people coming from out of state to cool down.

5 years ago

This was one of the first hikes I took with my mom and mom's boyfriend when I first went to school @ wcsu. Decided it would be the perfect opportunity to explore the area. Its a bit confusing to find when you first go, but can find the times afterwards. Take the main trail up, which is somewhat hilly, grassy but offers nice scenic views of the surrounding areas in southwestern ct. Take a picture here! As you explore the park, you can take in nature and take pictures along the way. At the end of the hike, take a seat by the pond and just take a look over the water, take a break to eat a snack. Take a picture here; it is scenic. Overall, this park can be completed by anyone, is one of the cleanest ones I've been to. Take a peak for yourself; you won't be disappointed!