South Canyon Hot Springs

DIFFICULTY 3 reviews

South Canyon Hot Springs is located near Glenwood Springs, CO and features hot springs. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from June until August.


hot springs

5 months ago

known for homeless people bathing. tried to go more than once thinking maybe its the day. no such luck. right off the road maybe 50 yards. hard to judge wouldnt recommend flip flops without backs but id consider it a very easy hike (walk) 5 minutes to get to the springs from the road.

6 months ago

Not worth it if you are looking to relax. Pay the 25 bucks unless you like cussing beer drinking pot smoking loud people.

1 year ago

this is local party place. if they would respect the place and clean up their trash it would be nice. the spring itself is hot and smells of
sulphur. I did try it out despite the trash. go at your own risk.