Bemrose Ski Circus to Hoosier Pass

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Bemrose Ski Circus to Hoosier Pass is a 9 mile out and back trail located near Breckenridge, CO and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for cross country skiing and snowshoeing and is accessible from December until February.

9.0 miles 1730 feet Out & Back


cross country skiing

1 month ago

Since there doesn't seem to be a listing on this website for Hoosier Pass Trail by itself, I will go ahead and put my review here. The trail is supposed to be a 3 mile loop, but like another reviewer below we didn't succeed at making a true loop. Follow the road to the left for beautiful views of the reservoir and mountains all the way to where an actual trail rises to the right to reach the top. The 360 views are phenominal!!! We continued along on this trail and eventually came back to the road we started outbound on. Not sure this was the true loop, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Bring lots of layers as you will hike in and out of the wind several times. Loved our Hoosier Pass hike!

1 month ago

cross country skiing
8 months ago


1 year ago

I am not sure what the Sky Circus is or starts but we came upon Hoosier Pass only. We attempted to go to another hike but that trailhead was busy so continued up the mountain until we saw Hoosier Pass up by the Continental Divide sign. This trail says it's a loop but found it difficult to find the trail loop. But we ventures to the left on the trailhead. There is away to go right but figured since it was a loop we would come back that way. Next time I would suggest to go right and find the "true loop". But we did go to left and the trail seemed to be an old road not a trail. But the views were fantastic! There is great mountain views and a small reservoir below. We did walk through a little snow on the trail but totally do-able. We got to the top of the trail and you can go left again but it is only a back and out. So we went left and sort of follows what we thought was the trail but wasn't marked well. We ended up back to the road we walked up on. But it was a good hike. Not trees for shade except right at he beginning. There was a couple tenters at the bottom.