Three Sisters Waterfalls Trail

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Three Sisters Waterfalls Trail is a 3.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Descanso, California that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible from March until October.

3.9 miles 1322 feet Out & Back



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34 minutes ago

great hike but definitely not easy.

17 hours ago

It was fun, although I lost my phone, if anybody finds it, let me know, it is a white iPhone 5 in a purple Otterbox case. thank you!

5 days ago

Just went yesterday very fun and there's was tons of water but if you don't mind rock climbing and some trail blazing you can make it to the top of the falls. Your legs will tell you all about how it was the next day when you wake up tho, worth it.

rock climbing
7 days ago

It's a fairly fun hike with a great payoff (the falls), but the trail isn't maintained. Ropes were in bad condition or missing, the trail was highly dangerous in several areas, and once you get to the river, is gone entirely.

However, there is a trail marked with blue and blue and white checkered tape half way up the main rope face that keeps you half way up the mountain and drops you right at the base of the falls. I suggest taking the more common trail on the way in for the experience (boulder scrambling was fun) and this trail on the way out (saves time and energy.)

DO NOT OVEREXERT YOURSELF. Know your limits. This trail is notorious for deaths, heatstroke, and air lifts.

7 days ago

If u like hiking this is all you need

8 days ago

Had a fun time hiking this! Would suggest working up to this hike or you will be very sore. Has a steep trail to base of falls then a roughly marked trail/climb up to falls. Great time and falls are full of water and flowing from recent rains! Take plenty of water and a lunch! You will need to rest and refuel for the steep climb back out.

rock climbing
12 days ago

such a solid trek oit, bring water, hat and extra shirt, correct shoes, climbing shoes if you have any, and boardies

15 days ago

Lots of water, couldn't get to the base of the falls, will try again when it's warmer

18 days ago

how come its only accessible march to october?

20 days ago

One of my favorite southern ca hikes. Definitely bring plenty of water.

23 days ago

24 days ago

Just getting home from finishing a night run on this hike, in the rain, very slippery and muddy everywhere. GREAT full body workout. The falls are roaring! Parts of the trail are actually washed out. It was a fantastic night hike, saw some cows at the end. Make sure to stay on the path where you find arrows.

25 days ago

1 month ago

This hike is very popular now-a-days. The falls are not flowing at the moment, but it is still pretty. Bring good shoes and water.

2 months ago

I know it's not public, but I would love a marker where the rope is to climb back up haha could have saved myself 30 minutes of wondering. Very worth it for the views

3 months ago

Very fun trail. The stream is all dried up but it was still worth the hike . It's very easy to get lost so be careful. I had to follow the trail of garbage to actually get back. Started at 8 got back around 10:30. Don't forget to bring a lot of water. Happy hiking

3 months ago

Amazing trail! Definitely not for beginners, though. There are a couple parts where you're ascending or descending what is almost a flat wall and a few sections where you're on a cliff edge (still walking, not hanging, but it's a narrow path).

Be sure to bring along plenty of water for everyone and wear appropriate shoes. The path separates and all the separate paths wind through the same valley, so just make sure you're headed in the right direction on a path that is safe for you. There are markers, but several different ones (pink arrows, white arrows, pink flags), so just stay aware of which way you need to go (follow the riverbed, which is more difficult on the way back because the river goes left and you need to go right to get out of the valley).

All in all, it was a pleasant hike. Great atmosphere, beautiful views, and a nice breeze. However, we went the day after rainfall, so it was cooler than usual. There are signs mentioning that the temperature can't hit 140 at the peak of the season, so check the weather before you go and plan accordingly and you should have a good time.

3 months ago

This is a pretty tough trail. The way to the falls is fun with some challenges. The trail is marked with spray painted arrows. The falls were dry when we went but we still enjoyed it. The hike back is hard. Bring a lot of water and go early to beat the heat. Gloves will help for using the ropes to climb. Overall it took us 3.5 hours and we stayed at the falls for a bit to relax.

3 months ago

3 months ago