The Power House

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The Power House is a 0.8 mile out and back trail located near Riverside, California that features a river. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and walking. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

0.8 miles 95 feet Out & Back

dog friendly

kid friendly




A short and easy trail that leads to a turn of the century hydro electric station and a graffiti lovers paradise.

I wanted to love this place, but I was really just creeped out the whole time. Between the dogs and the unmarked electric fences and then how junked up the actual place is, it just gave me a really bad feeling. I would've loved to explore beyond it, though, but I was short on time. The actual area is gorgeous, especially now because it's so green. I saw a roadrunner, rabbits, squirrels, and other cool birds I couldn't identify. The power house itself was creepy, and not in the cool abandoned building way. There were trash and cig butts all over the place. The high point was the ceiling, though, the sun shining through all the holes is breathtaking.

I may not go back, but it's such a short, easy trail I say check it out and make the call for yourself!

Also, thanks to the previous reviewer who explained exactly where to go!

14 days ago

Muddy trail after rain overall pretty cool.

21 days ago

A lil hard to find first time but once we got their it was petty cool place small but cool nice easy hike

1 month ago

1 month ago

Norco Power House aka Peddly Power House

Google Maps takes you to the middle of a street by a Cemetary. Since we had no idea where to go we searched through the hills behind the cemetery, basically exploring and of course didn't find the Power House because we were essentially lost aka exploring, lol.

So, now how to actually locate it. Park at North Drive and Viceroy. On the left of this you will see a dirt alley way between the residential houses and a nursery. Walk down this path. Once you pass where the nursery ends stay on the dirt road and keep going straight or down the downward path. Once you start veering to the left the Power House will be right in front of you.

If you want to hike longer, do the Hills behind the cemetery or head up to Pumpkin Rock which is down the street.

Hope this review helps.

1 month ago

Sweet and short hike!

3 months ago

Very easy walk or perfect for a jog. A great place to take pictures.

4 months ago

Super easy trail, a beautiful walk and many on horse back. My daughter and I loved it!!! Great walk!!

5 months ago

a memory to cherish. ruinin a light weight muck.

6 months ago

leisurely walk down a horse trail. not long at all

6 months ago

Great trail. Once you get past the power house there are more horse trails that you can go down. Better to go earlier in the day than later. It tends to get hotter faster. Bring lots of water if you bring dogs.

7 months ago

This is one of my favorite spots! The easiest way to access it is to turn into the Hidden Valley Nature center and park in the first "horse unloading" parking lot on your left that comes up. Follow the paved path all the way down to the nursery, make a right and continue down. Eventually you will have to walk through some kind of thick sand, but thankfully it isn't for long, unless you want to keep going past the powerhouse. The powerhouse can be seen from Google Maps if you keep your eye on Pedley road, where it hits Arlington use your GPS to help you find it. Sometimes you will run into teens who like to party in there or taggers ready to do their thing. Just use common sense and be safe! There are Riverside Parks and Recreation 'rangers' scattered throughout, so make sure you leave in time to get back to your car before 4pm if you park in the hidden valley nature center lots.

There isn't much in the way of shade cover til you get closer to the powerhouse or "Pedley Powerhouse" as it was once called. Be alert and watch out for snakes! I have seen many coyotes here, but they general don't care about you if you don't mess with them. There are also bobcats in the area and wild boars (I haven't seen either of those but they are there).

Also, there are a couple of other trails you can follow for miles along. Good for biking, walking, running. Check out the Nature Center on Saturdays and stop by the Santa Ana River!