The P Trail

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The P Trail is a 1.8 mile loop trail located near San Marcos, California. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and trail running.

1.8 miles 459 feet Loop

kid friendly


trail running

You can see the P when you're driving down the 78. Well I've been looking at that P for all my life and had never once thought about climbing up the hill to reach it until two years ago. It's not a super hard climb and the top has great views. There's even some more trails on the other side.

3 months ago

I have made several hikes up here, the first being in 1993. Usually I start from the parking lot at Palomar College. The most recent hike was from there and I went to the summit and came down the trail to this trailhead, in search of some of the geocaches that are found there.

8 months ago

Great hike! A steady incline with all kinds of paths off the main one if you're feeling adventurous. 360 view at the top with roaring wind. Would suggest to anyone looking for a good workout and a good time to match

8 months ago

Path wraps around the mountain with great views in all directions. Numerous paths to other hills and areas that look worthwhile if you want to do some exploring. Some junk and trash on the trail as mentioned, but nothing major.

11 months ago

The trail was super short. Great incline. Lots of mountain biking trails on the top. View was nice. However, there was lots of trash on top. Overall, I wouldn't go there again unless I lived close enough to walk there.

1 year ago

This trail was short but it was really tough. It gave both me and my two girls a real workout. I would suggest not bringing kids up this one because it makes it real difficult. View was awesome though and it was worth it.