Tahoe Rim Trail: Kingsbury Grade to Big Meadow

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Tahoe Rim Trail: Kingsbury Grade to Big Meadow is a 23.2 mile point-to-point trail located near South Lake Tahoe, CA and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from July until October.

23.2 miles Point to Point


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3 years ago

While most of the trail is south of Tahoe so you only get peek views of the lake, you get views down into the Minden area and of many area peaks. Freel peak can be seen much of the way, and the trail goes past it. I didn't go up Freel peak, another mile just going up, since I thought 23 miles would be enough for the day. I brought two dogs, had to bring a lot of water, there were two streams between Kingsbury and Star Lake, but it was hot enough that they drank a couple of bottles in between each. Star Lake was murky, so if you are going to filter, you can wait less than a mile further up the trail to a nice clear stream. Once past the trail up Freel Peak, there is a long downhill with switchbacks and 2 or 3 small streams, fill up on water here if continuing, as there will be no more water until a trickle in Freel Meadows. There is only one more small stream until a larger one near the end. I saw where Armstrong pass came up to the trail, there were several people who had hiked up from there, it would be a good way to break this segment up into 2 sections, if you park a second car and can do a shuttle if you aren't doing the entire 23 miles in a day. It had a little less than 5000 feet total elevation gain, I couldn't get a satellite signal for the first half mile, but would rate it as strenuous for the entire distance for the average hiker, it took over 7 hours for me, including stops for giving the dogs water and food, and I ran as much of it as I could. I saw more mountain bikes than hikers, but since it was a Friday instead of a weekend, I only saw about 10 bikes, several pushing their way up from Big Meadow. The trail isn't as spectacularly scenic as the east side of the TRT, but is still beautiful on it's own.