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Swami's is located near Encinitas, CA. The trail is primarily used for surfing and is accessible from December until February.


8 months ago

Ditto for walk here from Moonlight Beach. When a wave hits the piles of rocks/pebbles on the beach it sounds like one of those rain makers as the water recedes. Mesmerizing, I could watch and listen all day.

trail running
1 year ago

A great scenic loop to do is to park at Moonlight Beach at the west end of Encinitas Blvd, walk/run on the beach to the Swamis stairs about 1/2 mile south, go up the 150 or so steps to the 101 and back to Moonlight through the main drag of Encinitas - great shops/cafes/restaurants/surf shops/people watching on the way back. For an even longer walk, continue on the beach south of Swamis to the ramp at the north end of San Elijo campgrounds, then follow the coastal bluff bike trail north along the 101. Suggest you check the tides before hitting the beach trail.

2 years ago

83 November 3 mile walk beautiful

trail running
6 years ago

What can I say? The surf is awesome. I ran there annnnnd the view along the way is beautiful & the people are mad chill. I surf near there a lil further south @ Trapps