Sledgehammer Canyon

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Sledgehammer Canyon is a 22 mile loop trail located near Landers, CA and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for off road driving and is accessible from November until March.

22.0 miles Loop

off road driving

off road driving
4 years ago

This is where "The Hammers" event is held each year. A huge collection of off road racer/crawler hybrids, vendors, camping and a huge number of fans with their own 4-wheel Drive vehicles.
Much variety to choose from out here. Something for everyone, well almost. Don't take your PT Cruiser out in the sand like one fool did. I had to extract him 3 times with my Jeep.
There is The SledgeHammer, The Claw Hammer, The War Hammer & a few others around this canyon. Definitely worth a long weekend with whatever you're riding. You will want more after this trip!