Silver Knapsack Trail

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Silver Knapsack Trail is a 36.2 mile loop trail located near Sequoia National Park, CA and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from July until October.

36.2 miles 4300 feet Loop


The hike is located in the spectacular Golden Trout Wilderness in Sequoia National Forest and the southermost area of Sequoia National Park. The trail makes nearly a complete circle, beginning at the Summit trailhead and ending at Clicks Creek trailhead. The trail is approximately 40 miles in length

2 years ago

I did this Hike 40 Years ago with the Boy Scouts, It was the most Incredible experience for Me, It was Amazing.. Hoping to do it again Soon, I've wanted to relive it since I did it all those years ago.

2 years ago

I did this hike about 25 years ago as a Boy Scout. It was absolutely amazing and I enjoyed it. It's the hike that got me hooked on the outdoors. I plan on taking my son this summer who is 14 years old.