Shoshone Badlands Trail

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Shoshone Badlands Trail is a lightly trafficked loop trail located near Shoshone, CA that offers the chance to see wildlife. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, rock climbing, nature trips, and birding. Dogs are also able to use this trail.


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A short hike through the badlands, through washes, over rocks and through historic districts of Shoshone. Shoshone Badlands trail was constructed by the Amargosa Conservancy. It starts adjacent to Death Valley High School (the West corner?) and goes straight back towards the mountain range. The trail is sometimes marked, sometimes not marked so distance varies depending on the route you take. It's not easy to get lost because in the distance you can always see a trail marker that you can hike towards. The trail goes near the old Mojave Mud Trucking community (abandon homes, abandon garage, abandon cars) and around the mud hills of Shoshone. The trail is in and out of washes, over rocks, and through some very interesting geological terrain. This hike is amazing for birding, looking for wildlife, and just loving the scenery. You get a beautiful panorama view of the Amargosa Desert and the town of Shoshone. Hiking back down, the trail takes you through the old Dublin Gulch miners community - where the miners lived in caves dug into the ash. An amazing site. And not far from that is the Shoshone Cemetery, where graves are marked and unmarked, dug into the side of the volcanic ash. The hike was not very hard, and the route we took was about 3.7 miles. Just be careful because in the hot sun, this hike could be very troubling. It's a very open area, no shade, and the white sand and rocks reflect sun very harshly. The are is also home to scorpions, rattle snakes, and even wildlife like coyotes.

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