Shannon/Burns Trail

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Shannon/Burns Trail is a 4 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Palm Springs, CA that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, horses, and mountain biking and is accessible year-round. Horses are also able to use this trail.

4.0 miles 1017 feet Loop

kid friendly


mountain biking

horseback riding



old growth


washed out

no dogs

Connector trail from Henderson to Garstin trails. Trailheads are at intersections with these trails. Recommended only for very experienced mountain biking. Connector trail from Henderson to Garstin trails. Trailheads are at intersections with these trails. Recommended only for very experienced mountain biking. This is workout trail with panoramic views where you'll see a good of Bob Hopes house on the West side.

1 year ago

Hiked this trail a couple years ago. This is an interesting trail between Garstin and Araby. This is the trail with the rock mound at the summit near Garstin Trail where you can test your rock art sculpture abilities. Try to use some common sense or the concept between right and wrong because when you see an existing rock sculpture there, leave it alone, and don’t borrow pieces from it either, because there’s plenty of rock boulders on that mound to use from.

1 year ago

Inter-Trail Connector: the Shannon Trail

This short trail has no trailhead that is immediately accessible from the valley floor. Instead, one trailhead starts off the Henderson Trail about a quarter mile southwest of Araby Cove. The other trailhead starts off the Garstin Trail near an intersection with the Berns Trail, near the top of the lower hills.

The trail is of moderate difficulty, and it climbs relatively quickly through its 800 feet. A hiker has a very clear, fairly close view of the Bob Hope mansion and several other large residences that populate Southridge.

1 year ago

This is the eighth of the nine trails; by this time it was good to see the sun was still up, even though it’s full moon tonight, this area of the mountains are Bighorn, coyote and mountain lion territory. But came prepared just in case, brought a flashlight with a head band. There are two interesting areas on this trail, one is at the wash and second after crossing the wash heading west around midway up that ascend you’ll catch a glimpse of the most famous house in the desert. When you have arrived at the summit where you’ll see the rock mound, it’s one of the best panoramic views of the city grid especially at night. Note if you like to stack rocks to construct a sculpture on that mound? Don’t bother, there are individuals who born with no common sense. There is freaking enough stones around that mound, there’s no reason to take a stone from another person’s rock sculpture. The person who has no common sense thinks it’s perfectly okay to take apart another person’s rock stacking sculpture, despite the fact that there are many other rocks on the mound to use from.

When you see someone’s rock art sculpture? Do not take it apart! Leave it alone and enjoy the design. The best rock sculpture I’ve seen constructed and remained there for a very long time was a rabbit on the summit of that mound. The process of design and engineering involved to carefully stack rocks to create that form was awesome. It’s the best I’ve ever seen. Mine was the arch on the south west around 3 feet from the base of the mound. This was the first arch I constructed when the rabbit sculpture was there. A few months later came back to revisit, to my disappointment because both rock stack sculptures were destroyed.

I’ve rebuild my Arch three times, I’m not sure If I’ll ever recreate the arch for the fourth time. If I do I’ll make sure to bring nail glue.

2 years ago

This is a nice short trail which starts at the end of Barona Rd and ends at the wash if anybody went all the way to the end. Note around a mile away you’ll come to a junction where Shannon Trail Starts, many people ironically only hike up to this point and return, actually instead of doing that, you’re better off to continue at Shannon Trail and then catch Garstin Trail at the summit, then go West on Garstin Trail to return to the parking. It’s one of the best loop trails, if you missed the gym? It’s a perfect workout, this loop is approximately 3.1 miles, will take 2 hours, give or take. Give yourself 3 hours if you’re taking your time and not speed walking.

Bring at least one 16 oz. water bottle, Sun protection because it’s a sunny trail after 10 am. There’s no fee to hike and park. Park anywhere convenient at the end of Barona Rd.