Salton Sea and Vicinity Campgrounds

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Salton Sea and Vicinity Campgrounds is located near Calipatria, CA. The trail is primarily used for camping and is accessible from April until October.


scenic driving
5 years ago

This large salt lake in the deserts of southern California is famous for being BELOW SEA LEVEL, which is what interested my parents and I as we drove the fast highway from Palm Springs to see Mexicali, Mexico, just across the border from Calexico, CA. The wide , sparsely vegetated valley is very flat, so there are not many impressive views approaching the lake, except for having a shimmering, mirage like quality, being also quite warm---probably lower 90's in mid September. We turned off onto one of several side roads that led through a tiny cluster of dusty mobile homes, and then to the shore. Saw no people around, only a few dry docked vessels. The water was warm, very shallow, and of course, salty! The lonely setting and open space was interestingly surreal.