Salmon Creek Trail to Salmon Creek Falls

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Salmon Creek Trail to Salmon Creek Falls is a 0.4 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Jolon, CA that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round.

0.4 miles 85 feet Loop

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There is also a trail that goes to a campground further up the mountain. When you reach the split in the trail that is marked with a trail sign and arrow pointing to the right, stay to the left in order to reach the waterfall.

2 months ago

It was fun just not that kid friendly, be prepared to life kids up the rocks and down the rocks, little ones not recommend if you don't have help, will go back for sure just not with the little ones and probably after a good rain.

9 months ago

Went in mid January. Did the longer hike to the Upper Falls, approximately 6miles. It was very gloomy and foggy that day. Felt like I was in a tropical rainforest. At times with the low-dense fog it looked as if they had filmed Snow White and the Huntsman there. Take an emergency rain cover just in case because at times the rain came down hard. It said there would be no rain that day but what started as a clear day quickly changed. Walking sticks would be great in certain areas if going to the upper falls.

1 year ago

A great short hike. A good workout but watch out for the poisonous oak. The waterfall was amazing!

2 years ago

short sweet and dangerous, took three kids from age 2 to 9 they did fine it was the 33yr old who took a jump and landed with his face. thank goodness for the strangers willing to help us out of there. beautiful swim, lovely landscaping and good bouldering and what look like drifter mini camps.

2 years ago

Very short hike, but worth it! There's a trail before the waterfall that goes higher for anyone that wants an actual trail, but the small jaunt to the waterfall is fun for anyone driving through the area. I highly reccomend it. Absolutely beautiful!

3 years ago

It's in Big Sur.... so It's awesome. It is definitely a short hike so that's a bummer but I've been here a few times and it has always been cool. Went last weekend and the waterfall wasn't quite as spectacular as in the photos that are up but it was still flowin' nicely. First off... when you start walking along the trail, after oh I dunno maybe 100 feet you'll see a sign that says "Trail" and points to the right. Ignore it. Go straight, You'll eventually cut left and down and then just walk up the river. Can't miss it. Both times I've gone the whole pole crossing this was different, but if you don't want to chance it.. (You're a wuss haha) but you can always climb up and over the rocks on the right and still get to the base.Once you're close, If you do a little traversing along the right side you canget right up under the falls without getting wet. Good times. Just wish it was longer.

4 years ago

the trail to the waterfall is very short however you gotta have the balls to climb over the poles at the river crossing to get to the actual base of the waterfall where is the swimming hole is located. Locals can be seen regularly climbing the rocks behind the waterfall to do a little cliff diving. Also whoever took the photos on this did not have the balls to climb the poles to get to the base of the waterfall, because if they did they would have pictures of a split waterfall with two falls flowing side by side. totally incredible waterfall !! P.S. watch out for poison oak on the trail there is a lot of it.

4 years ago

Correction... Jolon, CA is not near the Salmon Creek Trail trailhead. It is 26 miles north of Cambria, CA on Highway 1. The trail splits to the right on the way to the falls. Going to the right will take you to a few overnight camping sites along the way to the Ridge Road which is 6 miles from the trail.

4 years ago

This was a nice trail to break up the driving along the coast. There are several branches that lead to the falls, so you can choose which one you want to use. Cool and shady under the tree canopy, so particularly nice on a warm day. Give it a try next time you are on Route 1.

5 years ago

Heading up with a group that has never been there this weekend to do a little overnighter. It's usually busy down and around the falls and as you go deeper into the wilderness crowds start to thin out. If you're coming from SLO pick up an adventure pass at the SLO Chamber of Commerce.
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