Roundtop / Mt. Pacifico

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Roundtop / Mt. Pacifico is a 13.4 mile out and back trail located near Palmdale, California that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and mountain biking and is accessible from March until November.

13.4 miles 2844 feet Out & Back



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1 month ago

I began at 8:45am & hiked about 3.2 miles in before the trail became too icy & steep that it seemed a little unsafe to continue. Gusty winds made it more challenging also. Beautiful hike from desert up to the forest as you near the summit. I've completed this hike earliest this year even though it was also inclimate weather with clouds, no rain thoth but felt like you were IN the clouds. Very worth it. plus you're on the Pacific Crest Trail!

4 months ago

Nice trail, I did the PCT trail/road to pacifico campground. Good hike great views. the campground was a great place to rest. nicely maintained.

5 months ago

It was a good hike..going back! I was only able to hike 1 hour in and turn around. Planning on hiking further in.

7 months ago

We hiked from the trail head up the PCT to Mount Pacifico. The PCT section was beautiful and blooming with a lot of wild flowers. The views out to the desert were amazing. So much of the vegetation is well on its way back. The sections that were not burned were amazing and serene. The hillside meadows with wildflowers in bloom caught me off guard.

Once we crossed over from the PCT to the fire road the going got slow, the altitude and some fatigue took its toll. The camp ground provided respite with tables in good repair, nice fire rings and a pit toilet.

We took the fire roads down rather than return via the PCT section. There were some good views although on this day we were buffeted by chilly winds from the west for much of the descent. Towards the end we were tempted to cut the fire road switchbacks; that area is marked off limits however you can't see it if you are just hiking down; you would only have seen it if you went up the fire roads first. Whats more is the "all trails" maps shows trails in those areas.

All in all we did about 12.5 miles round trip. Would hike this again without much hesitation at all.

1 year ago

One of my favorite California hikes thus far. I'll write a more thorough review at a later time, although the pics probably speak for themselves...

1 year ago

This trail is a pretty boring hike. I took my 2 young kids on it today, we only walked about 1 mile out and then turned back. There are signs posted that say it is under construction and proceeding is not advised, but there were no signs of construction going on.

mountain biking
5 years ago

Road is still closed , but they are close to finishing repairs. I believe the road is accessable for mt biking, just no cars.The road is hard packed because of lack of use and bulldozer tracks. Mt Pacifico is overgrown around the campgrounds ,and tables are in disrepair. A few trees are burnt but the view is spectacular and worth the effort !

6 years ago

We did not realize that Pacifico was closed; apparently the mudslides had covered most of the original trail. Instead, we used the access road to go up, then took the trail that cut north and east up to the summit. It was lovely, wild, and lonely-a great day out! (when we got back to our car we saw a warning note from a ranger and realized our mistake).