Redrock Meadows / Templeton Mountain Loop

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Redrock Meadows / Templeton Mountain Loop is a 26.3 mile loop trail located near Springville, CA and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from June until October.

26.3 miles 5350 feet Loop


4 years ago

You leave from BlackRock TH into Casa Vieja Mdw which the trail is in real good shape. Continue northwhere you pass a few more mdws-there are other trail junctions so make sure you bring a good map and know how to use and read it!! dont rely on signs. The trail to Redrock Mdw is also in pretty good shape although there are some downed trees. Its past Redrock going north up the Toowha Range is where the trail gets bad with downed snags. Its after you get up and over is where the trail gets better once you reach the meadows on the other side,but before you go on this trip know your route finding skills because the trails in that area are real faint and hard to spot not to mention all the downed snags.