Panoramic Hill - Chaparral Peak - Strawberry Canyon Loop

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Panoramic Hill - Chaparral Peak - Strawberry Canyon Loop is a 5.9 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Berkeley, CA that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

5.9 miles 1674 feet Loop

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A favorite weekend hike, with amazing views of San Francisco, Oakland and the Bay, seen from eucalyptus, pine and oak forests. A great workout too. Up Panoramic Hill from the Claremont Hotel, along Panoramic Ridge via the upper Strawberry Canyon fire trail to Chaparral Peak, down the new fire trail below Grizzly Peak to the lower Strawberry Canyon trail. Around the perimeter of Strawberry Canyon, back to the upper fire trail, then back down Panoramic Hill on the north side of the canyon. Especially nice at sunrise or sunset, or when there is thick fog down near the bay.

6 days ago

great view!!!

7 days ago

We only hiked up the Panoramic Hill (probably less than 2 miles up and down). Beautiful scenery of the Bay. Moderate traffic with lots of dogs and families. Good for children too if they are up for the uphill challenge, especially the last climb up the Panoramic Hill. The view was rewarding!!

7 days ago

11 days ago

The total hike was 7.5 miles. Sometimes covered with tree, sometimes not.Though we climbed more than 1000 feet, but as it was not a continuous uphill path, we didn’t face too much difficulties. It was great for exercise. The trail was not at all crowded. Very few people were hiking with us. Even sometimes we three were alone on the path. It was an enjoyable hike...
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2 months ago

3 months ago

steep hike but views great with both sun and shade.

5 months ago

Note: This trail cannot be found in the alltrails app so don't try and download it. The guide provided on this page is the best you'll find and was sufficient for when I hiked it with my friends.

We arrived around 10am on a Sunday, parked in a nearby residential area and headed up the fire trail.

The first part of the hike involved a relatively steep climb with little shade. It was tiring, warm and very enjoyable. As you climb, there are multiple points of interest with really great views. I recommend you pause and take a moment to appreciate how the view changes as the elevation keeps changing. There are great views of Berkley, Oakland, San Francisco, Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, as well as both treasure and angel island. We observed as San Francisco was covered entirely in Fog early in the morning, but cleared up by midday. The view of the cliffside houses was a great addition and made for good discussion as a dream to shoot for one day.

When we reached POI #7 (Grizzly Peak), we made the left turn a tad too early and walked through the spiky bushes, along loose gravel, continuously questioning whether or not we made the right turn. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience, and was followed by a histerical laugh when we exited back onto the trail and realized that a clear pathway was only fifteen feet away.

The whole hike took about 3 hours, which accounts for several breaks, and a couple incorrect turns that had us turn back. The health app on my phone registered a walked distance of 7.5 miles and 136 floors climbed. We ran into several groups along the way, but it was still desolate enough enough that it felt like we were immersed in nature away from the city.

1 year ago

Parked on Tangewood Road and started up the stairs and it was a long uphill climb from there which is exactly what i was looking for for the type of training i am doing. Its a consistent climb and burn for the first two miles and then flattens out for a quick quarter mile run with great views of the campus and the east bay then you encounter another smaller hill which leads you to the steepest and last hill which is great for those looking for hill work. Its less than a quarter mile but steep and footing is tough. Good trail shoes needed for that last hill and when you done with that leads you to a good 3.5 mile mostly flat and smooth run back to the start. Great spot for hills and a run. Now one of my favorite spot for cardio.

2 years ago

This should NOT be rated "moderate" hike. From elevation hikes right from the get go, this should be rated difficult for those of us with moderate joint problems. The trip back down was more difficult than the arduous trip up. While we liked the challenge, we could not get beyond the first few miles of the trail's quick elevation gain. Please revise the difficulty of this trail!

2 years ago

Great hike! But be aware, 1500+ feet of elevation gain. Very detailed trip notes, so glad I had them with me! However, could have used a little more detail with the very end of the hike.

3 years ago

Great views, but no signage throughout the hike, making it hard to know which path to choose in order to follow this loop. We ended up taking a 7-mile hike, but not this one. The 2-hour parking limit is only valid on M-F.

All the parking at the base of this trail is 2 hours Mon - Sat. I would not try this unless it was a Sunday or had method of parking for longer.