Orcopia Mountains Trails

DIFFICULTY 1 reviews

Orcopia Mountains Trails is located near Mecca, CA. The trail is primarily used for hiking.


1 year ago

Hiked this trail a couple years ago. There’s a lot of trails in Orocopia Mountains but you really need a 4 wheel drive vehicle to see most of them. The closest trail on Box Canyon Road is Meccacopia Trail, If you wanted to start at the trailhead? It’s on Box Canyon Road around 8 miles away for the north endpoint of the trail, you’re looking at a 9 mile trail that goes south and ends at Coachella Canal. The short to Meccacopia is through Little Box Canyon Trail if you didn’t want to start where it intersects Box Canyon Road. Note that this trail is in total wilderness, expect it to be the most boring trail in the area because the environment along that trail is not very interesting, if anything very typical. This trail especially has no shade, so having plenty of water and sun protection is critical. There’s no fee to park or hike this trail. There’s no benches, trashcans, water or restroom on this trail.