Murray Peak

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Murray Peak is a 6.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Cathedral City, CA that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and mountain biking and is accessible from September until May.

6.5 miles 2063 feet Out & Back


mountain biking


no dogs

Use Palm Canyon trailhead rather than the trailhead by the Vons near the Goat Trails, which are private property.

5 months ago

5 months ago

Beautiful views.

6 months ago

Great trail, lots of wild flowers, fantastic views!

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6 months ago

Murray Peak is a destination, not a trail.

Many people access the peak starting on Araby Trail (it goes past Bob Hope's house) or starting at Von's and using the Goat Trails.

I have done it 4 times in past 18 months, always parking on Bogert Trail and climbing up the steep Garstin Trail, then Wildhorse and Clara Burgess.

Views are wonderful, footing is varied but always good.

Bonus is that this peak is visible and recognizable from much of Northern Coachella Valley so you can point it out to your friends and family as one of your accomplishments!!!

1 year ago

The trail head for this hike is best taken at Von's off highway 111. As others have said there are lots of merging trails and it is easy to get lost if you do not study the routes. The climb is steep but the view and picnic table make it a great destination. 2,100 feet of assent as shown on my gps.

1 year ago

Pretty good trail.

starting elev. 450ft
highest evel. 2320

2 years ago

As you all know, the trailhead starts at Rim Rock Shopping Center. Not at Jane Hoffbrau as shown on the map, where the red guitar pick is shown with the letter "S." Hiking all the way to Murray Peak from the Goat Trails is going to be a far hike. You’ll have to really study this area using Google Earth if you’re new to this area. Because there are a lot of trails at the Goat Trails, and when you do make it all the way to the summit at Murray Peak, there’s two ways to return. First would be the exact same route you took to get there. Second way would be to continue on Clara Burgess passed Murray Peak where it ends at Wildhorse Trail, go to Wildhorse Trail for around a mile and at the other end of Wildhorse Trail you’ll see a trail that returns to the Goat Trails (there’s a signage). This would be of course a far hike, but a lot more interesting if you went this way and totally worth it.

The hike through Wildhorse is more interesting than the Goat Trails. You’ll have to see it to believe it and when you do? you'll agree!

About Murray Peak, when you arrive at the summit, the highest peak is a boulder around two feet square. If you wanted to know what vertigo feels like? Stand on top of that boulder. The view from there is awesome 360 degrees. You’ll feel like on top of the world.

Clara Burgess Trail is where Murray Peak is located. The north end of Clara Burgess would be towards the Goat Trails, the south end would be towards Wildhorse Trail. Between the two sides, the north end of Clara Burgess is a shorter route to get to the Murray Peak but expect this side to be the steeper trail. The south end is not as steep but farther to get to Murray Peak is the better view because you can see the Santa Rosa Mountains in the foreground and San Jacinto Mountains at the background.

Don’t forget your camera, sun protection, water, trail mix, hiking poles. You’ll need good hiking shoes or walking shoes for this adventure.

There’s no fee required to hike or park at this trail, no benches, trashcans, drinking fountains or rest rooms. No pets allowed beyond Wildhorse Trial.

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4 years ago

sweet trails