Muir Woods to Mt Tam East Peak Loop

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Muir Woods to Mt Tam East Peak Loop is a 12 mile loop trail located near Mill Valley, CA that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate.

12.0 miles 2332 feet Loop


1 month ago

The loop starts and ends in the lush redwood forest of Muir Woods. Once you cross the road at Panoramic trail, look for the fire road to the Fire Station. The road continues behind the fire station. I tried to stay to the smaller trails on the approach to the summit. Make sure to turn around. The best views are behind you on the way up.

The way down on the fire roads is great for running - gentle slope, lots of room, good conditions -- just look out for the mountain bikers. You can make up a lot of time jogging this portion. Plus the scenery is a little less interesting - lots of rocks and dust.

The hike gets cool and scenic again once you connect to Boot Jack, which takes you back to Muir Woods.