Muir Woods and Tourist Club Loop from Mountain Home Inn

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Muir Woods and Tourist Club Loop from Mountain Home Inn is a 5.1 mile loop trail located near Mill Valley, CA that offers the chance to see wildlife. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, trail running, and nature trips.

5.1 miles 1211 feet Loop


nature trips

trail running



old growth

Backdoor entry to Muir Woods on an uncrowded trail where you can enjoy scenery (and a bar!) most visitors never see. The ancient California redwood trees of Muir Woods National Monument are one of several remaining groves up and down the coast that escaped the lumberjacks thanks to forward thinking preservationists. Located just North of San Francisco this is the ideal place for visitors from around the world to come and marvel at the giant redwoods (which in this park grow up to 250ft tall and 14 feet wide) but it also means the area frequently attracts large crowds, bus tours and overflowing parking lots. Our hillside loop trail offers a great way to visit Muir Woods National Monument and avoid many of the crowds, before returning along a scenic route over Mt. Tamalpais State Park that most visitors don't get to see. One additional benefit along this trail is the chance to spend a little time at the Tourist Club. In the past we've had little trouble as non-members enjoying a drink here, but here's what it says on the club's website: "The Tourist Club is a private facility for the use of its members, however the Tourist Club welcomes guests for our Festivals, held annually in May, July, and September, and occasional activities and events, which are posted on our calendar."

2 months ago

Great way to beat the crowds not deal with the crowds at the Muir Woods main entrance. We were able to show our friends who were visiting the Bay Area the main Muir Woods grove and got a good workout also. It's ended up being a 7.5 mile loop, we probably added an extra mile by walking around in Muir Woods .

2 years ago

Contrary to what this page states, the Tourist Club is always closed to non-members except for events open to guests, which are listed on their website.

4 years ago

Awesome hike with great views.